Context-Free Game Quotes! 2023

2-4-23, A Team

PC1: “We’re either going to TPK here, or we’re going to win this.”
PC2: “That’s the spirit!”

“All I heard was ‘full frontal’ and 100% for that.”

“Being the Herald is like being the Chief Busboy of Iomedae.”

“Have you heard the Bad News?”

2-2-23, BDC

[At full volume] “Approach stealthily!”

“A buckler is just the right size to hold the perfect amount of nachos.”

“Those orcs are going to have to re-draw for Secret Santa.”

“Oh good – Desna bread! And look: more Desna bread.”

Peaches’ gift to Jarlebank, with a caution

1-28-23, QwtCs

“I am going to participate in this kerfuffle.”

“The ‘deadly dildoes’ never leave a behind!”
“Fill that gap!”

PC: “Helios, are you going to shit in that box?”
Centaur PC: “Of course!”

1-27-23, Strange Aeons

“Withholding a potion is a full round action.”

“Irish is not a race!”

“Compared to a country? Twelve is nothing.”

“Why are you looking at her ass?
“HIS! His ass!”
“I’m not homophobic, but that’s just gross.”
“Hey! I’ve had a colonoscopy!”
“I’m too young to know if I’m gay or not.”

DM: “It looks like they’ve been using this room as a larder.”
PC: “Or food storage.”
DM: “That too.”

“Fine! I’ll burst! But quit getting hurt!”

1-20-23, BDC

PC1: “She sucks!”
PC2: “Hey! I used to be a professional.”

“Three half-elves? That’s an elf and a half.”

“You know… my boys need a mansion.”

1-16-23, A Team

“Stop cheating, bald man!”

“Paladin pee is NOT Holy Water!”

“I don’t *have* a bag.”

1-15-23, QwtCs

“Drow don’t surf.”

“Jizz nerd?”
“The glasses protect you!”

1-13-22, BDC

“I’m not the maneuvering type.”

“We just came close to starting a family!”

PC1: “I’ve got 50 feet of string.”
PC2: “For what? Remembering things?”

“Carrying the dwarf is like carrying a giant piece of bacon.”

PC1: “Hurry! I need someone to pee on me!”
All other PCs: “Me!” I’ll do it!” “No, me!”

“I used to be in the Mandible Militia, but now I’m in the Anti-Wyvern Defense Force.”

PC1: “Where’s that wizard with the knock spell?”
PC2: “He’s under the wyvern!”

PC1, looking at the dead body of wizard: “Welp, there goes our knock spell.”

1-8-23, B Team

PC1: “It looks like a family.”
PC2: “We kill them!”

“The C in Cookie is also the C in Consent.”

“I fully support his desire to boot people in the head.”

PC1: “Now we’ve created a *murderous* alcoholic!”
PC2: “Our job here is done.”

“Hi everyone, I’m your OSHA representative: do NOT listen to the bald man!”

1-5-23, Age of Ashes

PC1: “Well, uh, I’m not good…”
PC2: “You’re not even decent!”
PC1: “That’s it, when we get back to town I’m going to bang your mom.”
PC3: “Get in line!”

PC1: “Welcome to the town of Damien’s Mom!”
PC2: “It’s always open.”

“If a murder goes unwitnessed, it is even a murder?”

“Plot twist, motherfuckers!”

“He’s prejudiced, all half-elves look the same to him.”

1-1-23, BGP Meeting

“Perthius is no more evil than Hitler.”