RECAP: 5th Avengers, 5-17-20

By Tucker

Looking around, we see that activity is beginning to pick up on the street, with early risers beginning to go about their business. We decide to head back to the manor house with the Stone. On the way back, Clock notices a number of wanted signs featuring the Zenterem symbol on it. We get home and hide the Stone in the floorboards in Lauris’s room. We set a watch order. During the second shift, Lauris hears pounding on the door, with a voice shouting something along the lines of “Open up in the name of the law!” and ignores it. Culdock wakes up and hears the same as Lauris. Geth recognizes the unmistakable voice of Seth Cromley. Jarry is also wide awake.

Geth cracks open the door and asks Seth what’s going on. He pushes the door the rest of the way open and bursts in with Barnabus Blastwood and four armed men. He accuses us of tramping about the City of the Dead and dismissing one of their good knights and what were we even doing. Geth scratches his head and says it was a long night and what did we even do in the City of the Dead? Jarry chimes in and says he faintly recalls making a man cry the night before, explaining that he is a mean drunk. The lawmen sit us down at different tables. Another three lawmen walk in. One by one, they ask us questions, with Seth and Barnabus starting with Jarry. They ask him what he was doing in the City of the Dead. Jarry plays up the idea that he was drunk and feigns vomiting. Seth asks an additional four questions: Shrubs and bushes were disturbed around the mausoleums, why? Some of the mausoleums were tampered with, why? Were you involved with the attacks in the Casselanter mausoleum? On all counts, Jarry attempted to pin the blame on the knight or feigned ignorance.

Culdock was next, and Seth asked him much the same questions. Culdock, intimidated, fesses up that we were attempting to track down a cult of Asmodeus, and that he saved a soul.

Geth attempted to explain that Jarry goaded them into entering the City of the Dead while they were all drunk, the shrubbery became damaged on a botched attempt to use his Speak with Plants spell, and that we were conducting historical research and that everyone was dead in the Cassellanter mausoleum when we got there.

On Lauris’s turn, he told the truth in pretty much all regards, except he attempted to pin the evidence of tampering on people accessing the site after the guard left his post. He said he didn’t know what had happened to the cultists in the mausoleum, and that he was really confused about all that.

Seth asks a few more questions and confers with the guards for a few minutes. They bring us all over, and we can see guards everywhere outside, and guards surrounding us inside. Two relatively lithe individuals in light armor, definitely thieving types to Lauris’s eyes, approach Seth and whisper for a few minutes before entering the building. Seth tells us that there is a problem here. One, we were trespassing on community property that is meant to be secured at nighttime. He explains why this is important, and that they know we were there. One of us, looking out the window, sees the knight guard pointing at us, identifying us as the ones who entered the City of the Night. He says our stories don’t add up, and that dead people were found in the mausoleum of a prominent family, and that the signs pointed to us. He asks if we have involvement with any of the guilds. Seth turns to a guard and someone comes in, and Barnabus gives him a message and they run out the door. Seth explains that we aren’t going anywhere, and heads behind the bar with Barnabus to take notes. The rogues come in with a variety of personal belongings from within the house. Lauris immediately sees that the belongings that were hidden in your room are represented in the collection, but the Stone of Golorr is not there. Jarry and Culdock sees that there are a variety of personal belongings, mostly pointing to involvement with the factions we belong to.

The detectives tell us that everything checks out, except our story about why we were in the City of the Dead. We should consider ourselves under house arrest pending further investigation–the courier is likely running through the rest of the guilds and we will return later. Lauris takes the opportunity to follow up with our request to the City Guard for information about a nimblewright, and Seth explains that they have not made further progress in that investigation. We are to consider ourselves under house arrest. Six guards remain in the manor house with us, and six outside. A gryphon circles above. It is quite amazing to us that they did not find the Stone of Golorr.

Over the next five days of house arrest, speaking to the guard, we learn fifteen different recipes that they enjoy. The guards suggest to us that when we get the guilds in the manor house, we ought to do something about pest control, because they are always hearing vermin. Over the first week, the guilds are in to take measurements and determine our needs.

The next day, Barnabus comes out and says that our guild memberships check out. They say they will remove the guards from around the manor house, but know that we have a reputation for being on the fringes of trouble. Do not take this newfound freedom of yours for granted. The guards all leave.

Sometime after the guards leave, we pull out the Stone of Golorr. Culdock can tell that the stone is not naturally occurring, and that it has been transformed–it used to be something else. The stone has abilities. As Culdock holds the stone, he becomes more and more curious about it, getting the urge to study it and conduct research. Culdock decides that the stone is quite nice and would probably help us on our next quest. Lauris gestures to his crossbow and suggests that Culdock put down the stone of Golorr. He sets it in the floorboards, and Geth does a masterful job of concealing the damage with the Mending cantrip.

We decide to head to the library.

10 platinum
Gems (page 45 blast)
3 paintings worth 75gp each
222 gold

“achieving excellence through the ceaseless pursuit of self-annihilation”