RECAP: 5th Avengers, 6-28-20

By Tucker

Geth burst into the garrets just in time to see Lauris and Caela poking around the corpses of the wererats. Culdock and Geth both begin checking the party out for wererat bites, gathering in the bar area on Geth’s instruction. We hear a loud crashing sound coming from the third floor. Bursting into the room, Lauris and Geth, who have just run upstairs, burst into the room and see what they believe to be two spined devils retreating towards the window, having torn up the floorboards where we had hidden the Stone of Golorr.

Just as Geth began to cast Thorn Whip, they were gone, flying out the window. He rushed to the window as the others burst out the door onto the street. We see that the devils are climbing up roofs, hopping over the peaks and then are gone. Geth runs down the stairs, bursting out the front door and triggering the alarm. Lauris, dismayed, begins moving his bed out of the ruined room and into the attic.

Caela attempts to track the devils with her owl. Using Beast Sense, she is able to tell that there is a group of four or five, that they definitely have the Stone of Golorr. She is able to report that spined devils can fly and house-hop over houses and neighborhoods until they get to a particular neighborhood in the Southern Ward. Geth is fired up and replies that obviously we are going to chase after them, and Caela replies that they could really have landed anywhere else in the city.

After some deliberation, Caela, Culdock and Jarry leave riding Geth, now in the form of an elk. About a block away, someone stumbles out of a building clearly inebriated and falls backward in surprise at the sight of the crew. Jarry casts Invisibility on Geth, rendering the riders invisible as well. After observing some further scenes in passing, we arrive at what we believe to be the neighborhood where the spined devils got down. We end up in what appears to be an ordinary back alley. Caela disembarks and loses invisibility. The rest inch closer to a wooden horse cart with rider and a man nearby. As Caela sneaks up behind them, the man beside the cart yells at Caela to identify herself. He asks what she is doing out so late and she replies that she has never been to the big city before and is a little lost. The man, an older tiefling, tells her that she is of course out too late and it was time to be moving along. Caela attempted to explain that she was only looking for a place to stay the night, and the tiefling said that he did not really trust her. After a few more exchanges, the tiefling moved to attack.

Caela shot one of the imps that emerge to protect the tiefling. The tiefling moved behind a guard. The invisible Geth charged the guard in giant elk form and rammed him, knocking him prone. Culdock, thrown on his bottom when Geth began to charge, got up and cast Spiritual Guardians. As Jarry hit the tiefling with Magic Missile, he transformed into a different demon. The driver died from Spiritual Guardians.

Many valorous rounds of combat ensued, and the spined devils joined in. Culdock brought Jarry back from the brink twice. Caela attempts to fire an arrow away from her and it misses. She is attacked viciously by a spined devil. Caela flees and Culdock heals her back. The bearded devil dies at some point, and eventually Culdock brings Jarry back again from low health. Jarry finishes the last devil off with an acid arrow. The only ones left alive after the fight are the party and the horses, AS IT SHOULD BE.