RECAP: 5th Avengers, 8-23-20

By Tucker

The next morning, we checked out what was going on in Troskull Alley, and found that there was some difficulty in the area with rats. There is no indication that the problem is anything other than garden variety rats. Geth Wild Shapes into a cat and attempts to persuade nearby feral cats to be on the lookout for rats in the vicinity of the manor house. At first it goes poorly, but eventually some of the cats agree to handle the problem. He promises them catnip and fish in exchange for the heads of rats. Caela settles into a new room in the garrets and wishes she were in the Lauris sets to cleaning the bar and supporting his team, not leaving the house and for the most part just piddling around. Balyx works on setting up a shrine in the old shed Culdock used for stonemasonry. He also begins to investigate printing presses or criers to spread his political message.

After a few days, we find the following: Our reputation for interesting news is well-founded, as is our reputation for bringing new excitement to Troskull Alley, and that people are fairly pleased that in the past several weeks since we have arrived, foot traffic has increased. The locals have also noticed that Geth has been quite a lucky gambler in addition to being the local animal, visiting various establishments, winning enough to cover his expenses as well as buy a few rounds for the house. Some contracts have gone through with very little effort, owing to Lauris’s reputation with the Force Gray.

Lauris prepares a handbill that suggests Balyx would repel rats from our bar. Balyx heads to Correlon’s Crown to identify the potions. There are two potions of Animal Friendship and one of Fire Breath. Balyx tries to engage the proprietor on the subject of supplements, but the proprietor seems nonplussed. Geth receives a letter from Nat saying that he would like to be paid. Geth takes the carriage and heads to the southern ward. About a block from the hideout, Geth sees an urchin from the crew and engages him. He pays him the money intended for the crew and heads off, with the urchin quite pleased with himself.

The bar opens. We hire four staff. The first week, every one of us recognizes individuals from the City Watch of varying rank. Geth sees individuals that he knows personally, and can tell where they arrested us. We make our expenses and earn 30 gold on top. Caela goes out from the bar while this is going on and spends time in drinking establishments and gambling houses. She finds that there are a lot of questions about the owners of Troskull Alley, but does not share this information with the rest of the party.

The second week, business is pretty slow. We make no money and lose 25 gold. Balyx confronts Lauris, who continues his work undeterred. He asks Geth to intervene, but Geth only speaks of confidence and liberty in vague terms. Balyx suggests a teambuilding exercise, or a retreat.

Jarry receives a letter similar to one he had received weeks ago from a man named Kiro, who had asked for help. He waits for us in Threshold. A lengthy discussion ensues about how to keep the bar running in our absence. We decide to attempt to find a retired City Watchman who would watch the bar. We go to Force Gray to find one. We follow up about Culdock, too. Geth receives notice over the two weeks from Nat asking when he would get paid. Lauris is waiting on customers and cleaning when he receives a clear message in Varja’s voice, “Message received. I look forward to meeting you and your party tomorrow before the noon hour.” The next day, we are brought into the dining room at the Blackstaff Tower to decent fare. Varja comes down after a while and Lauris asks for support on our bar while we are out of town, pitching it as a haunt for the city watch and a useful source of information. Varja is not convinced about a deal that includes only an information source. Jarry speaks to the Harpers and offers jewelry and an open bar for members of Force Gray if they can use it as a place to gather information and use it as a safehouse, with free drinks for members. In return, they will staff the bar.

It will take three weeks to prepare for the journey. In those three weeks, we cover our expenses for the first two, but we suffer a loss of 40 gold on the last.

10 platinum
Gems (page 45 blast)
3 paintings worth 75gp each
364 gold
1083 silver
1900 copper
9 gems valued at 50 gp @
7 amulets of Saint Cuthbert
2 Potions of Animal Friendship
1 Bag or Pouch
1 Potion of Fire Breath
3 holy symbols of Saint Cuthbert, valued at 150g apiece.
A jade symbol of Saint Cuthbert