Jon Peterson has a new book coming out

Called “Game Wizards: The Epic Battle for Dungeons & Dragons”, it’s a more comprehensive history of the Gygaxian beginning and ultimate demise of TSR, to wit:

“Peterson describes Gygax and Arneson’s first meeting and their work toward the 1974 release of the game; the founding of TSR and its growth as a company; and Arneson’s acrimonious departure and subsequent challenges to TSR. He recounts the “Satanic Panic” accusations that D&D was sacrilegious and dangerous, and how they made the game famous. And he chronicles TSR’s reckless expansion and near-fatal corporate infighting, which culminated with the company in debt and overextended and the end of Gygax’s losing battle to retain control over TSR and D&D.”

Pre-order at Left Bank Books.