Finally Done: “Council of Thieves and the War of Two Queens”

In tablet-sized pdf and kindle-ready mobi.

At long last, the compilation of our first Late Night Game Night campaign, The Council of Thieves and War of Two Queens, is complete. 

A couple things: 

  • first, this is not a novel. Although it contains a fair amount of narrative, especially the closer you move toward the end, a large part of this is simply collected texts – emails, writeups, material from a variety of sources. You’ll be able to see this is certain places, where dice rolls, ex parte communication between DM and PC, that sort of thing, are evident.
  • Second, this wasn’t all written by me – some parts, especially in the early chapters, were written by the players themselves. Their names are included on the title page for this reason. 
  • Third, it’s very episodic – there is no real story arc or plot, just snapshots, really, of goings-on, dialogue and metagaming. Don’t look for a cohesive storyline here – it doesn’t exist. 

I enjoyed writing this, and hope you enjoy reading it. And I apologize for the delay in release – this was supposed to be done last Christmas (yike). But it’s here now. For those of you that have received portions of this before, the newest material is after pg 432, Chapter 69, when the party returns from Tu’Narath after the death of Queen Vlaa’Kith. Everything afterward is narrative format and proceeds in linear fashion.