Top 30 D&D modules of all time

From Dungeon magazine, November 2004. Judges included Keith Baker (invented Eberran), Wolfgaur Baur (ex-TSR, has done everything), Eric Boyd (wrote most of Forgotten Realms), Andy Collins (WotC editor, including RttToEE), Monte Cook (Monte Cook Games), Bruce Cordell (MCG’s best designer), Mike Mearls (ran D&D for WotC for over ten yearse), Christopher Perkins (WotC Minis), Clark Peterson (Necromancer Games). Ed Greenwood, Gary Holian (Greyhawk), Alan Kohler (, Chris Pramas (Green Ronin), Jean Rabe (RPGA), John Rateliff (Tolkien scholar), and Bill Slavicsek (WotC designer).

Written By:

Gary Gygax6
Tom Moldvay3
David Cook2.5
Bruce Cordell2
Harold Johnson2
Monte Cook2
Tracy Hickman/Laura Hickman2
Allen Hammack1.5
Dougles Niles1.5
Carl Sargent1
Dave Brown/Don Turnbull1
Ed Greenwood1
James Wyatt1
Lawrence Schick1
Len Lakofka1
Paul Jaquays1
Richard Baker1
Carl Smith0.5
David C. Southerland0.5
Frank Mentzer0.5
Jeff Grubb0.5
Jeff R. Leason0.5
Michael Williams0.5