Thorne: If March sales are any indication, 2021 will be another banner year for the games industry

“At our store, sales increased over 110% since March 2020 when Illinois started its lockdown.  We had to close to foot traffic on March 21, 2020 as the state deemed us a non-essential business, and boy that hurt, both in terms of sales and emotionally.  After all, who wants to get called non-essential?  The store was down about 25% from 2019, making it comparatively easy to beat March 2020’s figures and post a triple-digit sales increase. However, March 2021 sales increased about 60% when compared to March 2019, making March 2021 our best March ever.  In fact, March 2021 proved our best month ever, up double digits over any other month in the store’s history.