This was the Glass Cannon thing that we attended at Gen Con

It was friggin awesome.

Two stories: I was getting my t-shirt signed by everyone, and I finally got to Troy. I held the shirt against my chest so that he would have some kind of surface to sign against. Troy looked at me and said: “I’m not going to sign your shirt, I’m going to sign your penis.” (Classic Troy). I replied: “I’ll never wash it again!” Troy grimaced and said: “Never mind, I’ll just sign your shirt.”

Second, near the end of the after-party, Don and I ended up standing next to Matthew (we’d spoken to him earlier., splendid human) and we began talking when an obviously drunk fan cam up and blurrily told Matthew that he was “giving him” a joke to use in the podcast (omg) and that he expected him to use it. He punctuated these points by literally poking Matthew in the chest (wtf). Matthew was obviously irritated, and rightly so… but he was charming and cordial throughout. After the guy left, Don actually apologized to Matthew, but he took it in stride – this kind of thing happens all the time, he acknowledged, and that while he didn’t appreciate the chest-pokes (or the joke, which was not funny), he knew it was coming from a fan and was like, we have fans for playing a game! This is all gravy, despite the work we put into it. It was a very enlightened view to take.

If you haven’t ever listened to GCP, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s fantastic.