RECAP: Jade Regent, 6-21-19 and 6-28-19

We begin the evening by interrogating Jorgir the Axe. They have established caravans that deliver tools, supplies, etc to Raven’s Crag. These are trusted individuals with passwords. If we tried to capture and collect the passphrase by force, they’ll give us an incorrect password that will let us in the door, where we’ll be surrounded and killed. (Munpo is busy looting)

The best plan would be to go to the RimeRunners’ Guild, with a token that Jorgir has given us, and hide in crates to be taken up to the Crag. The password for this is “ShadowFyre”

We go to the RR Guild and show the token / give the password (and get admonished for Jorgir being careless) . We’re shown some small crates going out today, some larger ones going out tomorrow, and are told that shipments go out most days. Mitch tells him that we do have some stuff to add, but it might take a day or two to get everything together (so they won’t be expecting us in the morning).

We go to sneak in that night, but are ambushed in the street. After a brief tussle (with Koji taking the brunt of the damage), we make it uneventfully into the Guild. There was a single guard, but we huddled in place as he passed us and went into another room and closed the door. Nisha cast silence, and then we snuck into the warehouse, unloaded a few of the crates, and shut ourselves in.

After about 36 hours in our crates, we come to a stop and are roughly moved from the wagon/cart to the ground.  (Nisha is having difficulties with the journey.)

After several more minutes, the crates are lifted via hoist/crane to the Crag.  (Mitch/Munpo first, Kainyn/Esteban second, and Nisha/Koji last) Each lift takes 5-6 minutes one way.

Once above, there’s some argument by our handlers about busting open the crates and taking the contents in half loads until an authoritative voice tells them to stop being wusses and just get it done.  We’re taken [somewhere] inside, and then the voices get quiet.

Munpo shifts into an air elemental to go out through the cracks in his crate, and goes a-scouting.  We’re in an empty but artificially-lit hall. He finds some Tengu on guard but not alert/alarmed.

He goes back to the crate he shared with Mitch, casts light and blinds Mitch, and writes a warning about the Tengu on the inside of the crate.  Then he goes out and resumes his natural form and opens Mitch’s crate. Then Nisha’s. Then Kainyn’s, and that crate is very loud and sharp when it opens.

Everyone = Stiffness: 2 rounds at -4 for any movement action, then 2 rounds at -2, then normal.  Nisha is also temporarily visually-hampered.