RECAP: Jade Regent, 5-24-19

Players: Libby (Nisha), Don (Gato), Doug (Munpo), Steve (Kainyn)

We go back to the inn where we’ve been staying.  Along the way, we try to find out more about the Frozen Shadow.  No one claims to know anything, or flat out tell us they’re children’s bogeymen.  The barwench who’s been friendly, though, says that she’s heard a few people talking about having proof they exist, but misfortune befalls them (or they disappear) not too long after.

We get a few scrolls, scroll materials, and then head off to see Belana and Mitch get married.  While the newlyweds are celebrating their union, Munpo works on scribing scrolls.  Kainyn and Nisha take some scrolls of Locate Object to the Fire District. 

The first is to locate a known piece of Oksaka’s jewelry.  Just before the spell ends, they find it points directly towards the RimeRunner’s Guildhall.  Esteban pops up and offers to scout around.  They allow him, and use the second scroll to locate the arrow that hit the Raven.  After some walking around and triangulating, they’re confident it’s at the back (NW) corner of the property.  They don’t get close enough to look.  Esteban reappears, and the two share stories.  This place is a fortress.  They do have some rubbish bins out back that the arrow is probably inside.

Esteban stays behind to keep an eye on things while Nisha and Kainyn go back to the Temple of Shelyn to acquire some assistance.  They find the High Priest making repairs to the  outside of the building.  They ask if there’s a way to hire some trusted eyes to keep a look out for Oksaka being brought out of there.  When Nisha explains that she’s at the RimeRunners, the priest becomes very somber.  The guild is very wealthy, with lots of resources, and connections with very wealthy houses.  He urges caution, and agrees to arrange for help watching the place within an hour.

The next morning, we start talking strategies.  Esteban mentions that the building *seems* to empty out at night, but there are SO MANY MORE guards, including the constabulary.  Kainyn’s idea: use potion of invisibility to get Esteban up to unlock the door at night, and then we sneak in between the patrols. (with Nisha casting Silence on Mitch)

((Side discussion regarding Silence only lasting Rounds per level – Steve: We could have used that last night…..but then again, he only lasts Rounds per Level too!))

We go with Kainyn’s plan.  We make it inside the door, and are immediately funneled into a hallway with a few doors.  Kainyn hears something in the second door on the right.  Nisha uses silence again.  Esteban unlocks it, and we go in.  It’s Oksaka.  She’s glad to see us, and is surprised there’s no guard in our way.  She can usually hear them moving around.  Sometimes they stop and peek in, but mostly just patrol.  She feels they were getting ready to transfer her to Raven’s Crag, and thinks that Ulf may be there.

New plan: wait for guards outside door, another Silence, then shock and awe.  It takes almost 15 minutes, but then we hear them.  As soon as we think they’re outside the door, Nisha hits Silence again.  Mitch throws open the door, and prepares to tussle.  The guard outside is surprised, especially when Mitch’s axe whallops him good.  Kainyn tries to get behind him but fails.  Nisha pokes at him with her spear for a tiny amount.  He misses Mitch, and then Mitch returns with another strike the kills him.  We tuck the body into bed and shut the door.

The rest of the rooms downstairs on the main hall are conference rooms and one more bedroom, but empty.  We go upstairs (another silence) with Kainyn in the lead.  We surprise another guard, who hits mitch, but the two brawlers take him out quickly.  Other rooms on this level appear to be empty, but one contains a strongbox, which Esteban very easily opens.  It’s filled with important documents, and what looks like a sea of gold.  Oksaka’s gear is behind the strongbox.  The documents surprise Oksaka, who says this is exactly what we need and we take them and the gold and get to the door (with another silence), make it outside, and Esteban relocks the door.  As far as we know, no one alive knows we were there.

Digging through the paperwork in one of our inn-rooms, we find evidence that (1) Longthews rented the boat that carried the raiders that attacked our caravan, (2) they were contracted to acquire the artifact sword, (3) Snorri Stoneeye used to lead this guild, but he stepped down and they’ve been spending lots of money on Raven’s Crag,  (4) the location of Raven’s Crag, receipt of transfer of an artifact to Raven’s Crag, the name of the Leader, Thorbborg Silverscore, and sign-offs for a LOT of construction at the Crag, and (5) mention of the name Goti Runecaster (which sounds familiar but we can’t place it—from the letters we’d found) and the Red-Feathered Raven. (The big raven we’ve been seeing has a single red feather)