RECAP: Black Dogs, 2-15-19

Players: Don (Pastor Ebenor), Steve (Aerys), Doug (Quellan), Les (Halfdan), Libby (Iria), Mike (Thaedon)

Halfdan gets the refugees up on the plain north of Rabat. Iria and Thae go shopping in Sternhaven. Quellan and Ebenor deepen the harbor. The caravan from Parth with supplies for the refugees arrives with about a month of food.

We prepare to go to the dragon pit w/ contraption. Iria teleports the party half a mile from it. Quellan uses a spell to hide our scent. Aerys casts Invisibility on Thaedon, who Flies to scout ahead. There are no dragons here as expected (though a GIANT red one flying in the distance) We make our way down into the pit. Iria casts a back glance, and sees the Historian watching them. He disappears.

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Aerys opens the portal, and we all go through into a clearing about a mile wide. The portal structure here is in the lower 25% center south. A giant red scaly head appears behind us, and we very quickly use the black rod to close it.

Quellan uses wild shape to bird to scout while Iria spends time studying the area (and carving her symbol into a tree) in case of future teleport needs. Everyone else discusses which way to go (NICE straight road heading NE, overgrown road going straight east. Quellan sees a city to the north, a vast metropolis of crystal. Humanoids of many sizes work below, and flying creatures with horns protect the air above them. There is an ocean to the north. A lake and mountains to the east and plains to the west. Quellan returns to tell us.

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We travel NE along the road for several hours (Quellan = Dire Wolf now), and then hear a loud chopping to the NW. We travel an hour, and come across a cabin in the woods with smoke and fish, and a giant iron golem chopping trees. Thaedon goes to knock on the cabin door. The golem stops, and we see a head in the chest of the golem that shouts “What do you want?!’” in infernal. He asks who gave us permission to carry weapons, and the name of our overseer. When we told him we weren’t from around here, he hopped out of the golem, and flew straight up in the air towards the city.

Thaedon has Iria teleport them back to the clearing, where we stop for the night.