RECAP: BDC, 8-20-21 “Tales From The Caverns”

By Tom S

Our heroes pushed on in pursuit of the captives after finding encouraging evidence of their passage. The rough tunnel brought them to a locked gate, which they were able to breach. In the process, 3 bugbear guards were slain. Proceeding east brought the party to an alcove, where the guards apparently resided. A quick search by Peach discovered a cache of gold. Simon noted evidence of fresh blood, remarking “It does not bode well for the captives.” To which Sonja replied, “nor for their captors” as he grimaced and hoisted his axe menacingly.

Pushing north, a prison area was discovered, complete with 27 captives! The party’s relief quickly dissipated when they discovered this was a whole different group of potential slaves. Their fellow villagers and relatives were not among this group. Hurriedly, shackles were cast aside and the hapless group was escorted to the longboats waiting in the cove. Instructions were given to make haste on the river and seek the waiting fishing vessel left at the mouth.

Undaunted, the avengers headed back to the western passage where more tracks had been noted during the initial foray. Proceeding cautiously, Peach exclaimed “hold on…this left wall is suspicious, bring some light.” Dexterous hands quickly worked a latch and a hidden door opened. Beyond the door was a well-appointed bed chamber, with a surprised mage working at a desk. The hapless mage was quickly dispatched, although a malicious enchantment successfully sent Sonja running down the dark passage that was left behind. A short run brought Sonja to an angry group of 12 goblins, who sprang to arms and pursued the dwarf.

Splitting their ranks, the goblins divided, with 6 pressing the heroes and 6 turning down an unexplored passage. The party regrouped, staunching the frontal assault. A cry of alarm from Peach and Pastor Bill alerted the heroes to the returning 6 goblins, entering by way of a passage beyond the bed chamber, and accompanied by a cleric and a fearsome mud tiger. The party wheeled; arrows flew and axes whirled. 2 goblins and the tiger were cut down. Yet the victory was short-lived, as another enchantment sent Sonja scurrying into the waiting maw of another mud tiger and his 2 goblin attendants, who had flanked the party from the other direction. Even the Pastor’s fervent healing bursts, could not sustain Sonja, who fell to the beast’s assault. Simon whirled, and with an inspired bow shot, buried an arrow to the fletching in the creature’s eye socket, ending its carnivorous ambitions. As recompense, the vile cleric sent Simon temporarily fleeing with an enchantment. Peach defended the rearguard with furious rapier strokes while Pastor brought Sonja to his feet. Sonja was now enraged and cleaved 4 goblins mercilessly. The fleeing cleric was brought down by a bow shot from the returning ranger.

Peach quickly searched the chamber for clues and booty, advising “It would be wise to move with haste. Our situation is precarious!”  “As always…” added Pastor Bill.

Falling in line the heroes proceeded west and came upon a strange chamber, apparently home to the mud tigers and to a peculiar malevolent appearing spire! “We will have to check that northern passage for the captives, as there is no egress from this room” commented Simon. Studying the spire, Pastor remarked “By Desda, what further evil lurks in these caverns?”

“Staunch my wounds and we will find out!” offered Sonja…