RECAP: B Team, 1-27-19

We’re back in the mountains on the Taldor-Galt border tonight with the B Team, trying to get those mystic’s bones back to civilization! Last time, some faux-Galtians (really: local Aspis Consortium yokels) tried to play the “now hold on wait just a golduran minute there” card on the B team and boink them with a giant log trap, but instead received a fair amount of comeuppance, a couple of surprise dogsled fires, and two who had been at first entranced by Phineas’ tunesmithing were now even more entranced by Lama’s biceps and her somewhat irritated interrogation manner.


What next? Well, there two Aspis flunkies to attend to, then the trek down-mountain to turn back in the sleds (non-flaming ONLY, there’s a security deposit you know), collect the horses and back across the scenic plains of North Taldor to catch the night-barge downriver to Cassomir and a quick teleport to Katheer for a bit of R&R and some light feasting before Bashir comes back with another job. What could go wrong, eh?