RECAP: A Team, 2-17-19

Great game night! After some discussion – Should we rest? Should we press on? — the decision was made to enter the sanctum of the salamanders, the blistering air heated to 200 degrees by the Corruption Forge. BUT Gato, of all people, stepped forward: with the right biffs, the right spell protection, I can pave the way for us against these salamanders, do some real damage, maybe take a couple out. Resist Energy to avoid the heat, Greater Invisibility to keep avoid their eyes, Silence to keep his steps secret, Feather Fall to go over the railing. Gato stealthed in, over the side, and attacked from behind. Gato was successful – bleed damage on all, critical bleed on one, and the salamanders threw their spears around to no avail. 

video is here:

Gato returned when his invisibility ran out, Storm came to the rescue (“one Menzoberranzan, two Menzoberranzan…”) and together they retreated back upstairs, to trap and kill the overeager salamanders as they gave chase. But the salamanders did not take the bait and a standoff ensued, with the salamander poking away from the corners with his spear. The FUP retreated, teasing the fire creature, but to no avail – it wouldn’t come into the room and make itself vulnerable to attack. The problem: Gato’s bleeding attacks, which were taking their toll, with one salamander already dead, another in the elevator dying, and time running out for the rest. 

Once killed the party buffed to avoid the searing heat, and returned to the forge area to finish off the remaining foes. However, the foe list had grown, as one of the remaining salamanders sent for assistance. First up, two archers, dressed in the livery of the Ivory Labyrinth, harassed the incoming party members. Second, two schirs barricaded the double door leading southwest, closing the door and creating a substantive barricade; another schir charged up from a deserted hallway to the southeast, to try and out a hurt on Storm. And finally, an unseen enemy, who put a Stinking Cloud atop the forward agents of the party, countered by Farina’s judicious and well-placed use of Wind Wall which allowed several party members to move out of the cloud and Farina herself to take up a position and miss a few arrow shots. 

The dice favored the DM weirdly last night