RECAP: 5th Avengers, 9-13-20

By Tucker

The party dispatched with a group of five ogres and two trolls that ambushed them along the road. Balyx swung his blade into the chests of his enemies, Caela attacked with bow and axe, Lauris stabbed and shot, Jarry ignited and Geth took a beating in the form of a giant elk. Mostly we killed it with fire. We recover five short bows, five short swords, 29 gold, 32 silver and 50 copper from the bodies of the orc. Geth places the weapons in the bag of holding.

Noting that we are next to the Trollbark Forest, we decide to continue before finishing our rest. We make it about forty miles and pitch camp. The evening passes without incident. We notice that the closer we get to Triel, stranger and stranger things happen. There are reports of undead walking around. As we travel along the next day, we hear water rushing by. Caela, using Beast Sense and her owl, finds a bridge up ahead. We reach it about three quarters of the way through our day. We begin to cross when suddenly Geth is surprised because the horses do not want to cross. Balyx uses Divine Sense and detects the presence of undead. Geth calms the horses but they still refuse to cross.

We set a marching order starting with Balyx and Geth. Geth can see something move in the mist from the rushing waters and can hear the sound of shuffling. Out of the mists we see a disfigured form emerge and begin to shuffle towards us. Lauris plunks the first in line with an arrow from his shortbow. Jarry follows up by filling the bridge with sticky webs at the lead zombie. Geth calls Moonbeam down on the lead zombies, damaging it with bright light. Caela plugs the last zombie with two arrows and calls her owl to claw at its eyes. Balyx cleaves the lead zombie in two, and Lauris shoots the second with his shortbow. The wind blows, clearing the mist, and we can see more zombies along the bridge, and skeletons armed with shortbows on the other side. Lauris shoots the lead zombie with his shortbow and Jarry casts Magic Missile.

This proceeds like so for a while, with the zombie killing assembly line being quite effective. Caela attacks the skeleton with two sharp arrows but they do not do as much damage as she would have hoped. She is struck by an arrow from the skeleton. Geth sweeps Moonbeam across the column of zombies, hitting them all. Caela returns to shooting zombies. Balyx retrieves his javelins and pushes the corpses off the bridge, fending off the zombie’s attack. Jarry dispels and recasts Web further ahead. We nerfed Geth’s orbital moonbeam laser after deciding it was too good.

Eventually we killed the zombies, charged across the bridge and beat the skeletons to pieces, except the last one, which Balyx kicks into the gorge.

10 platinum
Gems (page 45 blast)
3 paintings worth 75gp each368 gold1087 silver1950 copper9 gems valued at 50 gp @7 amulets of Saint Cuthbert2  Potions of Animal Friendship
1  Bag or Pouch 1  Potion of Fire Breath
3 holy symbols of Saint Cuthbert, valued at 150g apiece.A jade symbol of Saint Cuthbert