RECAP: 5th Avengers, 8-9-20

by Tucker

Geth, Lauris and Balyx decide to fight the ghost. Jarry and Caela remain on the deck. Heading into the caves, we notice that they are undisturbed. Balyx is a little overzealous about putting the undead to rest, but Lauris and Geth notice a profound sense of sadness and loss coming from within the cavern. Balyx casts Branding Smite on his sword and move in to the cavern. As Balyx approaches, we notice two apparitions moving in circles, wailing. It does not have an effect on us, but we do notice. The apparitions do not attack but send a message. Geth does not hear, but Lauris and Balyx hear a message saying “Leave us in peace.”

We interrogate the ghosts. We uncover that they mourn the loss of their fallen comrades, and that they cannot leave the mortal realm until their comrades’ remains have been buried. They say that we just need to follow the rocks upward to find the harpies that lured their ship into the rock where it wrecked.

We bring the information back to the group. We convince Caela to help us kill them and take their stuff. Balyx looks around for rocks where the ship might have run aground and identifies the rock that busts through the hull of the ship, which is shallower.

As we head out of the water and up the shore, Geth can hear singing over the crashing waves and din of the sea. Geth notes that if he were any less of a man of nature, the singing would be quite enticing. Lauris and Caela both notice there is a quick way to get up on top of the cliff. Balyx and Lauris head up the path, followed by Geth. As Balyx heads up the path, he turns around and sees a group of seven harpies that we have taken by surprise.

Geth casts Call Lightning and the harpies avoid the worst of the electrocution. They manage to dodge the worst of Jarry’s fireball, but Caela and Balyx both miss their weapon attacks, and Lauris connects with a sneak attack. Geth produces another lightning bolt, and Jarry incinerates the rest with a fireball.

We see the skeletal remains of four humanoids with burned, tattered clerical robes, with charred holy symbols and books and cudgels. We gather them up together, bringing the remains, holy symbols and cudgel for burial undersea. Underneath those items are some weapons, broken pieces of jewelry, and other items that might not have been personal effects of the deceased clerics. Jarry realizes that some of them might be of considerable value, and we decide to bury the bones and keep the artifacts. After burying the remains, we head back (except Caela) to check on the ghosts. The sense of loss is gone. The ghosts’ demeanor is calm and reserved, and as we enter, they greet us. One of the ghosts introduces herself as Elina, and introduces her spouse Calimara, and we have just felt the release of the act of justice of kindness that you have just given to the faithful of Saint Cuthbert, and we thank you. You have lifted many years’ of sorrow and sadness, and we take these last moments in this realm to wish you well.

The ghosts offer us all the stuff in the ship, including on corpses. Geth looks around and finds a chest in the passengers’ quarters. He hollers to the group that he found a chest, opens it, and feels a poisoned blade slice his hand. Inside is a note that reads “Tithes for the Cause” and contains twenty pouches, each containing 5 gold and 25 silver.

In the ship’s brig, Geth takes holy ornaments off four skeletons in priestly robes. One is made of jade. He heads over to the front of the ship, where he notices the icon begins to warm. Geth approaches the altar, which has an indentation that matches the base of the icon. He places it in the altar and immediately is visited by a vision of the place where he would like to see the most, the fields surrounding his home village. He sees people carrying out their daily lives in the area. Balyx and Lauris come in and can see a vision of a field, but it is fuzzy. Geth’s vision is crystal clear and he is certain that it is depicting what is going on right now. Jarry tries the altar, but to no avail. The group leaves the altar behind and head back up to the island they started on. It is the afternoon, and we have been underwater for a good six hours. The current that brought us to the island is still moving. We set camp and cook, taking a long rest and setting a watch, though the night proceeds without incident.

Geth casts Water Walk on the party and they march across to Stormhaven Island. When we reach the shore, we find the remnants of a cold camp, with no evidence of flame, no one around, no evidence of Culdock. Caela, looking around, sees evidence of sea birds and finds that the surf may have very well washed away any tracks. Balyx asked who we are looking for. Caela asks why he might have left the group. Lauris offers that he was getting weird about the Stone of Golorr, and says that worst case scenario, he left us, better case scenario, he’s dead. After a while on the beach, a group of people come around the corner dressed identically to the people who brought us out. They explain that we must have been successful and that they have come to escort us back. They also say that it is odd that the composition of our party has changed, and that the island is under constant surveillance and that it is unusual that such a change could have occurred.

The group packs up and gets ready to leave. There is much bullshitting, and towards the end of the boat ride, the Nimblewright Detector comes alive. Heading in toward the docks, Jarry notices the detector is going off the closer we get to a particular ship.

10 platinum
Gems (page 45 blast)
3 paintings worth 75gp each
461 gold
8 silver
7 amulets of Saint Cuthbert
3 holy symbols of Saint Cuthbert, valued at 150g apiece.
A jade symbol of Saint Cuthbert
Harpy’s Nest personal items