RECAP: 5th Avengers, 8-16-20

By Tucker

As we pass by the larger ship in the skiff, we find that the Nimblewright Detector is going off in the direction of the ship. We asked the captain of the skiff if he could take us over to the ship and he says that it belongs to a man named Jarlaxal, who is the principal of a traveling carnival, and that we would have to find other entry to the ship, called the Eyecatcher. Balyx takes a sip of one of the browinish potions but can discern no magic effect. Jarry casts Detect Magic, and all three potions, the bag, and the jade symbol of Saint Cuthbert radiate magical energy.

Geth investigates the bag, and finds that the exterior dimension is smaller than the interior dimension. We like this bag, and do not set it on fire.

The ship appears to be about 85 feet long and has a wide hole in the deck with a hinged cover. There are human sailors going about their business. There is much discussion of what to do about the Nimblewright on the ship. We discuss sending Jarry as a spy or Balyx as a prospective employee of the carnival. We spend a great deal of time discussing possible courses of action and arrive at dock without having made a decision.

At the docks are two private yachts, the Hellraiser and Heartbreaker, and the Nimblewright Detector goes off once more. We decide to return to Varja to turn in the quest. Jarry tells the group that the Nimblewright Detector is going off again. Everyone looks around to see if they are being followed. The docks are a busy place at this time of day. After some deliberation, we notice that in the midst of all the ships docked on this gangway, one ship is labeled Hellraiser and the other Heartbreaker, which are the names of Jarlax’s other ships, according to the information from the skiff’s captain. As we approach them, the Nimblewright Detector is going off with increasing intensity. There is a nimblewright on each of these ships.

Balyx goes up to a dockworker and demands to know what their bosses are doing with nimblewrights on the ship. The dockworker that Balyx grabbed told him that the nimblewrights are servants who do what they are told. Balyx says that it’s worse than he thought and demands to be let on the boat, approaching the Hellraiser with Lauris in tow and no one stopping him. Balyx enters the ship and begins looking around, finds nothing above deck and heads below. In common, two sailors ask Balyx to state his business. Balyx says that he is on a mission to find a homicidal nimblewright and he believed it to be on the ship, and would they please direct him to it. The sailor walks away and speaks to someone dressed more like an authority figure who then walks over and asks Balyx to explain himself. The first mate says that the only nimblewright on board is the property of the Captain, and does little more than make sure the captain’s boots are shined and dinner is made and some other butlering tasks. The whole encounter goes poorly from there and eventually Balyx and Lauris decide to leave.

We make our way to the Blackstaff tower. Varja enters after a while and we explain what has gone on with the dragon. Jarry casts invisibility on Balyx to conceal him from the Force Gray, but Varja sees right through it and greets him and explains that he is an honored guest and that there is no need for magical concealment in Blackstaff Tower, and that magic use is frowned upon in the city. Varja does say that there is a member of Force Gray who has been acting strange of late, Melune Wardragon. We have been asked to observe him at the Yawning Portal for a few days to find out why his happy-go-lucky demeanor has soured. Lauris relates this to our loss of Culdock. Varja asks what became of him, and Lauris mentioned that he had swam away, to which Varja laughed. Geth suggests that we would love to hear a better explanation if Varja has one. Varja is puzzled, and asks if he had begun acting odd of late. Geth replies that Culdock had become quite fond of a particular artifact, and Varja asks for more information on the artifact. Geth says that it was the Stone of Golorr, and Varja invites us to dinner. We are offered facilities to wash ourselves and exquisite food and drink. We check to see if we are being spied upon but find no evidence of it. Some time later, we are welcomed downstairs by Varja, dressed now for dinner, and enjoy several courses of a meal with her. However, before we sit down, she appreciates that we have shared we have had contact with this artifact, and all artifacts are considered to be to some extent powerful and some extent dangerous.

Geth does not share any mention of Gralhund Manor or the City of the Dead, but shares that we obtained the Stone in a struggle with cultists of Asmodeus and that their agents had attacked us to retrieve the stone on several occasions. Varja at some point asks if Balyx is to join our group and become a business partner at the venture at troskull manor, and we say that he is, tentatively. Varja issues a warning about the Stone, that it is nothing to be trifled with. Agents of the Blackstaff escort us home.

10 platinum
Gems (page 45 blast)
3 paintings worth 75gp each
531 gold
608 silver
1900 copper
9 gems valued at 50 gp @
7 amulets of Saint Cuthbert
2 Potion — brownish in color
1 Bag or Pouch
1 Potion — reddish in color
3 holy symbols of Saint Cuthbert, valued at 150g apiece.
A jade symbol of Saint Cuthbert
Harpy’s Nest personal items