RECAP: 5th Avengers, 7-5-20

by Tucker

Back at the manor house, it is about five o’ clock in the morning and we attempt to find a place for the horses on no sleep. Caela looks around and notices that her owl is trying to tell us something. She uses beast sense to attempt to see what the owl sees, and commands it to search and the owl flies away.

Lauris comes down with a brew and a sandwich. The rest of us get some breakfast. Caela notices that the owl is flying directly back to where we just left. The owl flies to where we just had our encounter, and then a little bit up the street where we had our encounter, and up to an intersection near the fight. Caela sees the very last remnants of one of the spined devils beginning to fade away, but also two small humanoid children standing there poking around. Just as the last of the devil fades away, a small child picks up the Stone of Golorr and begins to run away.

Caela, narrating the encounter to the group, describes what has happened, recalls the owl and terminates the spell. Based on Caela’s description of the children, Jarry identifies the children as ruffians on the street, gangs of thieves, pickpockets and urchins.

After some discussion of what to do, we decide to take a short rest and head back to the scene. We pile into the cart with Geth at the reins. Caela notices that we are drawing some approving looks for our horse and carriage. We pull up to the scene and it is as though nothing happens. Geth casts Locate Object and the object is not within 1000 feet.

We head the direction the children headed and Caela picks up a trail of halfling feet. Geth follows in the cart, still concentrating on Locate Object. After 6 minutes or so, Geth begins to feel a little tingle, and before he can suggest that we might be headed in the right direction, he notices that Caela has moved in that direction. A few minutes later, Caela disappears around a corner, and as Geth follows her he notices the spell’s effect has faded. Heading down the way a bit, the group comes to a grate and Lauris points out that the grate is not properly seated. Geth sighs and says that the grate leads to the sewers, and Caela states definitively that the ruffians went down there. It appears to be a storm cellar, that has recently been opened and the aroma coming out of it definitely prompts the party to recall its last time in the sewers.