RECAP: 5th Avengers, 7-26-20

by Tucker

We decide to pitch camp and stay the night. Geth casts Water Breathing on those on the island. We set a watch. Halfway through the night, during Geth’s watch, the sound of agitated voices carries in over the wind. Geth thinks he can pick up the odd verbage of Draconic, but can’t quite make out any words. He reports his findings to them in the morning.

We leave behind the camping gear and swim out towards the shipwreck, which is due west, beyond which Geth believes is the source of the voice we heard last night. Beneath the water, Caela and Geth find it relatively easy to move, but Jarry and Lauris struggle some. While Jarry and Lauris appear to be floundering, the current seems not to be affecting them. We have reduced sight distance on account of water blocking the light, and the sheer amount of fish down there. Caela and Geth swear that through all this underwater maneuvering, the water is getting shallower.

Lauris finds that we are headed back toward the island. Geth looks around and gets us back on track. Lauris and Jarry begin heading in the wrong direction. Out of the corner of his eyes, Geth can see a merfolk moving off to the distance, not moving towards us, but also not moving away. We all struggle some. Geth sees a dragonborn swimming out in the water. Caela sees a small bronze dragon also swimming around in the water. They seem to be looking at each other, but are pretty far apart and are also looking. Jarry and Lauris see Caela and Geth pointing at two different things, and begin to move towards one of them. The whole group moves towards the dragon, and the dragon moves toward us. We wait for the dragon to approach, and the dragonborn meets up with it, and they move into position, about 20 yards away from us. Geth can tell that these were the same voices as last night. The dragonborn does not have a weapon drawn, but is gesticulating wildly. The gist of the conversation that Geth gets is that the dragonborn thinks the dragon is ruining everything and should go away. Geth says in Draconic “Hail, Dragon, we have come to speak with you!” The dragon, a smallish one, stops arguing and approaches the group. Lauris and Jarry both marvel at the dragon. Geth asks what he is doing down here, and the dragon replies that they are minding their own business, and what are we doing here? After a short back and forth, it becomes clear that the bronze dragon is quite young and is quite entertained at being just around Waterdeep. The dragonborn is attempting to get him to leave.

The dragon flits around to Jarry and asks him in Common what he would give him to leave. Jarry begins a pitch for a dragons-only line of jewelry that the dragon could be the model for. Excited at the prospect of building its hoard, the dragon becomes entranced in Jarry’s pitch and Jarry offers him the chance to be his model and the dragon snatches the jewelry from Jarry and swims off, and begins putting jewelry on. Geth watches the Dragonborn. The dragonborn watches the dragon. Everyone else is in stunned silence, except Jarry, who is quite pleased with himself. The dragon begins taunting the dragonborn, saying that they are going to tell the group where the treasure is because they buy them stuff. Lauris says something to the dragonborn, and the dragonborn misses his attempt to punch Lauris in the dick. The dragon swims down to Jarry, saying that he will show him the treasure in the ship, and one other favor. He asks what he would like him to do. Jarry asks to see the treasure first, and for a ride, and the dragon instructs him to grab a hold of his tail. We follow them to a shipwreck, and the dragon introduces himself as Duslier the Bronze Young Dragon (Greyhands Adventure Ship of the Marshall), inviting Jarry to come find him for a favor, and then swims off. Before he leaves, he says there is something moving inside the shipwreck, but that he’d never checked it out.

Geth wild shapes into an octopus and approaches the ship, and the rest do as well. The ship is approximately 150 ft long and has been there a while, most of it has rotted away. Other than some small fishes floating around, we don’t see anything on top. Geth heads down, the dragonborn heads down as well and Lauris follows, tethered to Caela by a length of rope. On the second level is a large statue of Saint Cuthbert. It has a cudgel that looks an awful lot like the ram on the ship’s bow. Each of us try a different door. The dragonborn opens a door and finds a food storage room, and begins taking samples of the decomposing food. Lauris bashes down his door and finds well-sealed containers, and finds them to be watertight when he cuts the bindings and opens the box, finding inside teachers’ companion texts to spreading the gospel of Saint Cuthbert.

Geth opens the door to the personal quarters of the crew. Searching the room, he sees four amulets with the same holy symbol of the statue, two skeletons, the same damage as on the outside of the ship, ruined journals, and a chest towards the back of the room. Inside the chest are a few golden holy symbols used for the rites of the church, valued at about 150g apiece–a chalice, a plate and a pitcher. He grabs all the golden items and presents them to Lauris.

At the same time, the dragonborn looks in the next room, seeing a giant crab cowering under a piece of furniture and a skeleton, and turns around.

Searching the ship further, Geth finds an opening in the ship revealing a cave beyond, and that there is something unsettling beyond. Geth, in octopus form, slips into the void, and stealthily approaches two visages. Still in octopus form, he recoils, having the mind of a humanoid, but also keeps his cool enough to escape without arousing the ghosts’ suspicion.

The dragonborn also perceives the presence of the ghosts, and heads back to find Geth and Lauris, asking if they want to fight it. Geth says he wants nothing to do with it and heads back up to the surface. The dragonborn introduces himself as Balyx Dracones and begins attempting to wrap Lauris in a conspiracy theory and Caela yanks him back up through the hole in the deck. Balyx, alone, ponders his next move.

10 platinum
Gems (page 45 blast)
3 paintings worth 75gp each
311 gold
8 silver
4 amulets of Saint Cuthbert
3 holy symbols of Saint Cuthbert, valued at 150g apiece.