RECAP: 5th Avengers, 7-12-20

By Tucker

Entering the sewer, we find ourselves in a room with a locked door to one side. Lauris fiddles with the rusted lock and it clicks open and falls to the floor.

As the door swings open, we find ourselves assailed by the smell of fresh raw sewage. It summertime and the heat has made the sewage that much more pungent. Geth and Caela double over and vomit, suffering a level of exhaustion, with fatigue and cramps, with what is known as “Sewer Plague.”

Looking around, Culdock can tell this sewage is about three feet deep. Further down the line, we see a walkway that leads to a place where water is rushing out of the wall. Walking closer, there is a path forward. We enter it. Geth casts Locate Object, tells the party to follow him and senses the object further down the hallway. Geth Wild Shapes into Giant Wolf Spider and moves along the ceiling.

Moving along, three of us notice architectural inconsistencies in the walls. Lauris informs Culdock, who did not notice initially, who performs a Stonecunning check on it. Culdock says that both walls contain poorly concealed hidden doors. They are just above the sewage level, so sewage would not pour into the entrance. Lauris throws himself at the door, noticing a handle when he does. Culdock loudly states that we should be stealthy, and Lauris uses the handle to open the door. The door opens and we enter a room with rubble distributed throughout, but also with ratty old furniture and trash. Many of us have theories, but Caela says that it looks like a clubhouse, with tracks all over the place matching the description of the kids we were following, and remnants of a small cooking fire. The stench is a little bit less in here, almost as if the inhabitants were burning incense in here. As Jarry shut the door, we can hear panicked voices speaking Common in another room, with tracks running in that direction. Jarry attempts to approach the children, pretending to be one of them, but they pay him no mind and are frantically trying to escape. Meanwhile, Lauris begins to check around for the Stone of Golorr. In the room to the west, Lauris can hear some sounds through the stone but sees only a storage room with some ordinary rats in it, with a stairwell leading up.
Culdock lights a stick of incense and gives it to Caela, and announces, amplifying his voice with Thaumaturgy, that he is buying green rocks. Geth continued along the ceiling toward the youths, noticing his Locate Object spell peak to the immediate north around the room between the entrance and the kids.

As Jarry begins his spiel, the youths turn around and see Geth on the ceiling and nearly pee themselves in fright. Geth motions with two of his legs toward the direction he sensed the object. Jarry attempts to play it cool, saying “Ah, yes, this is my spider friend” but the children plaster themselves against a nearby wall, certain they are about to be eaten. Jarry checks the direction that Geth indicated for the Stone, and finds a rocking chair. As soon as Jarry reaches for it, the rocking chair transforms into a hideous creature. It hits Jarry for 8 damage right off the bat.

Lauris approaches the fiend and attempts to fling Jarry out of harm’s way, pushing him about four or five feet way. The mimic swings a gelatinous appendage at Lauris but misses. Geth casts Entangle and sees a movement from beyond a wall, but that the two children he had been looking at have no intention of engaging or running. Geth moves towards the monster. Jarry hits the foul creature with Magic Missile, and Culdock whiffs with his warhammer attack. Caela buries her handaxe in the mimic. Lauris casts Booming Blade and hits the mimic for a sneak attack with disappointing results. The mimic misses Lauris with an oozing appendage. After striking it with his blade, Geth notices that the enemy is sticky, like cold honey. Jarry hits it again with Magic Missile, and Culdock connects a solid blow with his warhammer, noticing that it does not regain its shape as quickly as it did before. Caela strikes a blow with her light hammer, and Lauris misses his attack badly. The mimic consolidates into a smaller form and lunges at Lauris and bites him, coating him in a sticky substance. Geth strikes it with his scimitar again. The mimic shudders and begins to melt away, revealing a very sticky Lauris. Jarry sees two children cowering and tries to converse with them, but they don’t quite get what he is talking about. Culdock notices that once the mimic leapt up and attacked Lauris, it left behind the Stone of Golorr on the floor where it once sat, and he leaps for it almost as soon as he sees it.

Caela sees the cleric scoop something off the ground, and mostly wants to get away from Lauris, who begins rolling on a nearby floor in an attempt to rid himself of the goo.

The moment Culdock grabs the Stone, he immediately hears a voice that says “Oh, you again.” Culdock feels like a Big Powerful Man. Geth, looking around, sees a look of contentment on Culdock’s face for just a split second. Jarry asks the kids where they got the stone. The kids have enough presence of mind to say “It’s alive!” He notices way more children up the hallway. Lauris attempts to throw a

Geth approaches, offering employment to the urchins, but they are clambering over themselves attempting to escape through an old wooden door at the end of a hallway. Lauris tosses a silver bar and shouts it at Jarry and Geth. Jarry grabs the bar. Geth shouts again: I said, who wants to make some coin?

One of the urchins shouts that it’s a trick, that the thing had taken over his mind. Geth gained the attention of five of the urchins, who began to congregate around him. A sixth youth, older than the rest, is yelling all kinds of warnings that it is a trick. Meanwhile, Caela is searching around the area and Culdock and Lauris are smashing furniture and attempting to pick the Stone of Golorr out of each others’ pockets.

The oldest boy, Nat, approaches Geth. He is protective of a pouch at his side. After some negotiations with his compatriots, Geth offering 5 silver to each boy for inundating Frewn’s Brews with rats, with a possible bonus for causing additional mischief that would make people not want to go there. Nat agrees to run it by the rest of his crew. They discuss for about five minutes. Geth notices that the oldest boy is still hiding the pouch. Geth invites Nat to check out the job after dusk tonight. The boys thank us and see us to the door, and we head out the way we came.

On the way back, it is very clear to everyone that Culdock is trying to hide something.

10 platinum
Gems (page 45 blast)
3 paintings worth
75gp each
311 gold8 silver