RECAP: 5th Avengers, 6-21-20

by Tucker

The following day, the party sets about cleaning up the first floor of the manor house, using magic to mend broken things, chill the food storage areas in the basement. Most of the party notice vermin droppings about. Geth notices that they are sort of an approximation of rat droppings, and upon further investigation, they appear very familiar, and not all that natural.

Geth raises the concern of wererats to the rest of the party. Culdock, concerned, checks the basement for any openings where creatures could be entering. Other than the staircase that leads down to the basement, there’s no obvious entrance.

Caela sorts out the pile of notices that had been posted to the door. Many were, as mentioned before, flyers for our local competition, Frewn’s Brews. Geth recognizes that every once in a while, a theme comes up in the flyers, which describes our establishment as “rat-infested.”

Culdock and Caela head to Correlon’s Crown to acquire some poison. Culdock greets Falla the elf and she greets him warmly. Culdock explains that they are there to acquire some poisons to kill some rats, and Caela greets Falla by saying “Hello, sister elf.”

Falla replies that they would rather not be addressed by any gendered words at all. Caela explains the problem, and Falla becomes quite concerned about the idea of poisoning the living. After attempting to talk her into it through obvious discomfort, and past the fact that Falla does not want to contribute to the death of innocent living. She offered to visit our establishment, and it takes her all of five minutes to discern that lycanthropy, which she finds to be unnatural and against the law of Waterdeep, is at work, and that we have multiple wererats that have not gone far and will be returning. Culdock asks what our options are for dealing with the wererats, and Fallah responds that our reputation would suggest we are more than prepared to dispatch the problem, and that there is no reason for lycanthropes to congregate here.

The group sets to making a plan. Some in the party believe the time is now to fight, although we are not quite prepared. Caela points out that fighting is unwise without adequate preparations. We spend a lot of time discussing options, and Caela and Lauris head to the blacksmith’s to get some silvered weapons. However busy he may have been, they get his attention, greeting him in Common and asking for his name. Covered in soot, the blacksmith asks what they want. Lauris explains the wererat situation and why it is important and urgent, making a convincing case for it. The blacksmith explains that he understands completely but that he is finishing up four different projects right now, and the earliest that he could get to it would be tomorrow morning. Lauris offered 120 gold for the job right now, and the blacksmith laughed, saying that it would cost at least triple that and there’s not a blacksmith in the city that would do this.

After some more haggling, the blacksmith dwarf points to the human female companion and says, “You can talk to her and for 100 gold pieces she will instruct you how to dip this damn axe yourself.” The silvering agent will last maybe a battle, and they each apply it to their weapon.

Heading back to the manor house, Caela and Lauris post up in the garretts. Geth patrols the first floor. Caela and Lauris notice wererats coming in the window, and Geth notices a rustling sound behind the bar. He leaps over the bar and finds two wererats behind the bar. Combat ensues. Jarry follows the commotion upstairs and finds more wererats.

Following an extended combat, the six wererats transform back into halflings. On each of them is a shortsword and a hand crossbow. On each of them is also fifteen gold pieces in a small sack, and Culdock finds a handwritten note that reads: Trollskull Manor. Caela notices that the silvering has worn off her handaxe.

10 platinum
Gems (page 45 blast)
3 paintings worth 75gp each222 gold