RECAP: 5th Avengers, 5-10-20

By Tucker

Lurvall returns with a shortsword, a whip, and an inclination to kick ass. A continual lamp light source casts its light on the party. As the group enters the building, Culdock casts Light on Geth’s shield. Culdock, tired of this shit, kicks down the door, which disintegrates without much of a sound. Walking to the north, Culdock sees a curved set of stone stairs climbing about twenty feet to the upper level, covered in bird dropping, shingles, mold, plaster, mud and detrius. Peering at the stairs, Geth notices that there have been several stages of decay going on with the building. Culdock, with his mason’s eye, notes the deteriorated condition of the building and warns the others of the numerous workplace safety violations present in the structure.

Lauris decides that villains live upstairs, and the group follows up the staircase. On the second floor, we see an ancient millstone under a jumble of debris, including machinery, pieces of the collapsed roof. Culdock burst through the door to the west and bursts through it, followed by sounds of rumbling and swearing. Culdock had taken one step onto a rotten floor but jumped out of the way before it fell out from under him. Culdock manages to clamber his way back out the door into the room with the millstone and proclaims that all things are possible through Moradon. Jarry tries the other door and finds foul-smelling odors behind it. Beyond the millstone, Geth notices a well-made door that looks nothing like the rest of the ones in the building. It has a shiny new lock and an intact frame. Lauris picks the lock and it silently opens and he sneaks through the door. Two humans are looking directly at the door. They are positioned by the back window, and are dressed in the same Asmodeus-worshipping garb as the rest.

One of them is attempting to hand a package to a devil-like creature out the window, and the other is telling her to hand the package out the window already. Geth casts Hold Person on the woman attempting to hand the package and she freezes still. Lauris attempts to use Mage Hand on the package, which is already being held by the demon creature. Culdock attempts to hit the demon with Guiding Bolt, but misses. Jarry hits it with Magic Missile. Laurel enters the room and the man not paralyzed turns livid and screams that he’s finally going to kill her. Laurel the florist hits him with a short sword, and the enemy counterattacks and strikes her dead. Geth transforms into a bear and attempts to strike the man guarding the handoff and misses. Lauris muscles hiis way past the man, suffering an attack of opportunity, and swats at the demon’s claw with his rapier.

Culdock misses again with Guiding Bolt. Jarry checks out what is happening in the other room and finds more of the winged devils, closes the door and leaving. The man guarding the handoff tried to grapple with the package but failed miserably and trips, spins and falls prone on top of Laurel. Lauris attempts to swipe at him and fails.

Geth wrestles the package away from those grappling over it. Lauris struck the hellspawn in the window and watched it tumble from the sky. Culdock, thinking to the religious antecedents of our situation, recalled some pertinent information and shouted “Cast not a fire spell on these beasts, for fire heals them!” He swings his warhammer mightily at the one at the door, given that they have followed Jarry, and missed.

The person Geth cast Hold Person on broke the spell and stirred. She reaches toward the package and grabs it, spinning it out of the bear’s arms, and pivots towards the window. Lauris buries his rapier in the woman’s side. Jarry brushes aside a strike from the hellspawn and attempts to charm the woman holding the package but fails. The man on the ground stands up and strikes Lauris. Geth disembowels the woman and the package falls on the inside of the window. Lauris picks up the package and stuffs it down his pants. Looking around the room, he sees the following: A king size bed, a window that is able to close, and a wooden armoire. He misses the man with his rapier and dashes into the corner with Jarry. Culdock shouts “Begone, foul beast!” and slaps the hellspawn with his warhammer, and Jarry finishes it off with Magic Missile. The creatures circle around the millstone to pick up speed and fly directly at Jarry and Culdock. Culdock braces with his shield and Jarry attempts to hold the door. All four creatures push past the dwarf and the halfling, and head straight to Lauris, attacking him and two hitting successfully. The man dodges Geth and climbs out the window. Geth attempts to knock him off the window but fails. Lauris notices, after missing the devil with his rapier, that the devils are attacking his pants where he has hidden the package. Culdock casts Spiritual Guardians. Shimmering bearded dwarves swarm the area. Jarry snipes the man climbing out the window with Magic Missile, and Lauris dispatches the last with an attack of opportunity as it attempts to flee.

By no means a silent affair, the battle took place in just a few minutes. Mostly what people would have noticed would be the dead imp outside. We open the package and it is a greenish stone with eyes on the top of it, which we assume to be the Stone of Golor.