RECAP: 5th Avengers, 4-26-20

By Tucker

After a few days, Culdock received a paper construct similar to the one he sent to Mirt. Opening the note, he reads the following:

Message received.
Addressing now.
Will contact in the usual way upon the full moon.
Mirt: Advisor to the Honorable organization of the Harpers.

Culdock asked Geth when the next full moon would be. Geth said it would be in three nights.

The party decided to renovate the manor house, and decided to sell the quantity of silver bars they had on hand to finance the project.

We go to a jeweler’s shop to attempt to sell the silver. Jarry takes charge of the negotiation. He introduces himself and offers to sell the silver bars. The jeweler introduces himself as Klunderstal, and when asked where he got the silver, Jarry says that he cannot reveal his secrets. The shopkeep laughs and says he understands. Jarry produces the silver and sets it on a table in front of the jeweler, who inspects the good. The jeweler, based on Jarry’s middling performance and misreading of the jeweler’s cues, is quite interested in the silver and believes he will get it for a bargain. The jeweler launches into a longwinded explanation of what silver is used for and how it is to be worked and the labor involved, making a very convincing argument to Jarry for giving ten gold pieces apiece. Culdock sees right through it, but Jarry is wondering what we are going to do without nearly enough resources to open the bar. Lauris is kicking himself over how wrong he is. Geth, for his part, doubts that they could be worth as low as ten gold.

Culdock pulls Jarry back from the negotiating table and says that the bars are worth at least fifty. Culdock takes over the negotiation and demands sixty, which the shopkeeper refuses. The shopkeeper explains that nowhere in the city will give sixty for the bars and begins packing up the silver. Geth interjects that the jeweler can take fifty for the bars, which the jeweler declines. Culdock begins to pack up the silver. Lauris attempts to offer 15 bars for 45g apiece. The jeweler declines once more and helps us out the door, and says perhaps some other jewelers would buy the silver.

Geth enters the next jeweler’s shop, and greets the elf woman jeweler at the counter. Geth asks the jeweler if he could speak to someone who would be interested in purchasing some silver bars. The elf at the counter asks to see the silver, and Geth produces a few bars, which the elf inspects. She says she will get the jeweler. Looking around the shop, the jewelry looks like exactly the sort of thing that would be made out of the kind of silver we are selling, and he tells this to Geth.

The jeweler, an older elfin woman, enters the room, greeting Geth. She says her name is Hendergord and she is the owner of this establishment. She says her ward has informed her that we have some silver that we would like to sell. She says that she would bring the silversmith out if we can agree to terms, but first goes through mostly the same procedure the last jeweler did to identify it as silver. Geth says that he would like to use the fair market value of 50 gold per bar. Before the jeweler can answer, Jarry interrupts and says that Geth does not know what he is talking about and that only 60 gold per bar would be adequate.

The jeweler takes a long stare at the jewelry that Jarry has produced, then turns to Geth and says that she does not know what the fair market value is, and Geth believes that she may not. Lauris and Culdock know that she is lying, but Geth sticks to asking for 50 gold per bar. The jeweler explains that she needs to confer with her silversmith to check what kind of work the silver will require. She comes out with the silversmith, a dwarf named Rustinhoff, and introduces him to us and him to the product we are discussing. Rustonhoff picks up the silver and does much the same as the jewelers but does some strange things, like putting it in his mouth and rubbing it on his face, giving a few a sniff. He nods and motions for the jeweler and him to step back. They speak, and once finished, the jeweler returns and says that based on their estimates, the shop will turn a profit on making jewelery at 30 gold per bar. Culdock and Geth understand that she is making her lowest possible offer and is expecting a higher counteroffer. Culdock says, in broken Elvish, “My fairest lady, my uncultured companions and I are attempting to acquire capital for a project, and would accept 45 gold per bar” except Geth attempts to take command of the situation and counteroffer 45 gold. Speaking to Geth, she says that she believes Culdock to be intoxicated. She counteroffers at 35. Geth sees that though she is serious at 35, there is still some room to negotiate. Culdock turns to Geth and says “the fair lady does need to make a profit.”

Geth insists upon 45, and the elf counteroffers 40. Conferring with the group, Geth agrees to 40 per bar. Hendergard motions for her ward and gets out a quill and paper, begins making notes for a bill of sale. 30 bars of silver at 40 gold pieces apiece comes to 1200 gold. We are offered coin, gem, or in-store credit, and very heavy, heavy, or light. We ask for light, Geth signs the document, the documents are sealed in wax and the ward takes the silver and produces a bag of platinum.

  • Sold the silver bars at The Ring and Choker Fine Jewelry, owned by Handergord, and the silversmith’s name was Rustinhoff.

Seth Cromley and Barnabus Blastwood stop by a few days later as we are gathering information to open the bar. When asked about the Zents and Gralhund Villa, Geth says that we have turned our attention to the tavern, and Barnabus seems not to believe us.

On the night of the full moon a paper bird comes down to Culdock. Written on it is the following note:

The place of interest can be found in the City of the Dead after the sun sinks low.

Culdock takes note that the Harpers follow process, and one such process is that notes like this are signed, but this one is not. The only thing that says that this comes from the Harpers is that this is a paper bird of the type sent to us before. Jarry, being a resident, would say that the City of the Dead at night is something of a strange place, and that we ought to prepare for some stuff.

130 platinum
Gems (page 45 blast)
3 paintings worth 75gp each
222 gold