RECAP: 5th Avengers, 3-21-21

By Tucker

Having learned absolutely nothing, Lauris is jumped by some foul creatures. They exchange blows. Lauris takes a blow from the creature and feels himself slowing down to paralysis. Caela leapfrogs forward over the party. Jarry scopes out the top of the stairs and hears no activity, then casts Crusader’s Mantle. Geth Wild Shapes into a giant wolf spider and skitters along the ceiling over above the creatures and misses his attack. Balyx sizes up the enemy and identifies them as ghouls, just beefier than what he had heard of. As he enters the room, he sees some ghouls and whiffs his first attack and sticks the second. Balyx notices the radiant damage from the Crusader’s Mantle seems weaker than expected. He expresses this concern to the party. Lauris’s fear grows as the ghoul misses its coup de gras. Lauris can tell there are more of these things in the room. Caela buries an arrow into the body of one of the ghouls, then hitting it again. Those in view can see the radiant glow from the arrow dissipate as soon as it connects with the ghoul, and it screams and falls over after the second shot. Jarry slams a Magic Missile into the standing ghoul. Geth notices three more ghouls incoming, chittering to the party in Spider that there are more ghouls incoming, pointing to them with legs. He then misses his attack. Balyx is able to discern that additional ghouls are coming and that Lauris is recovering from paralysis, then casts Hunter’s Mark on the ghoul ahead of Lauris, striking it once. Lauris, now recovered, turns his would-be-killer into mincemeat.

Most of the oncoming ghouls miss, but one connects a blow on Lauris with its claws. Caela sticks an arrow into one of the ghouls. Jarry casts Web over the ghouls, and Geth chitters excitedly before biting one and before he could attempt to poison one, Lauris smacks his mandible out of the way. Balyx takes down a ghoul with his longsword and a ghoul claws Lauris again, who dismisses the poison easily. Caela plugs another two arrows into a ghoul. Jarry congratulates himself for an excellent web and casts Magic Missile at one of the ghouls. Balyx continues hacking away at the ghoul, and Lauris carves one of the remaining ghouls up. Caela pegs one with two arrows, and Jarry finishes them both off with a single magic missile. The ghouls melt away and Lauris attempts to mount spider-Geth, still on the ceiling. He also instructs Balyx to inspect all of the many sarcophagi in the room. Balyx heals Lauris’ lingering symptoms. Lauris can see there is a hallway going out of the opposite side we came in, but can sense an oddity coming from around the area that Jarry is in. Geth investigates and can tell there is space behind the wall. It feels earthy, like there is a presence of some sort. He conveys this masterfully in the Spider language, understood only as chittering by the group. Jarry believes Geth to be congratulating him on his performance in the fight, and reaches for a high five, which Geth obliges, pointing again at the wall. Jarry investigates, finding a small earthen tunnel, so small that anyone larger than he would have to crawl through. Geth perceives dancing on the floor above and moving earth from the tunnel, but refuses to change out of Wild Shape to communicate this to the group. Jarry decides to launch a fireball down the hole, into the black and yells out “FIRE in the HOLE!” Jarry observes the fireball disappear, shakes, and flame shoots back toward the room where the party stands. Jarry can tell there is a large cavern down the peephole, the beings are large, and Geth the Spider feels the force of moving the dungeon walls. Caela and Geth can smell burned earth, but nothing combustible. We move down the hallway and run into a ghast.