RECAP: 5th Avengers, 10-25-20

by Tucker

We had discovered nothing unusual in the millhouse, but were still yet to get out. It is mid-afternoon. Balyx continues out through the storeroom. Caela jumps off the roof. Jarry hides behind a nearby well. Geth, still in the form of a rat, runs out from the room where he was discovered and scurries back down through the storeroom, down the stairs, and outside, where he hides in some nearby foliage. Balyx, still invisible, approaches Lauris, who ignores him completely. The group gathers about and begins to regroup. We decide to disinter Kiro’s body, and Balyx decides to sit this one out. When we get there, Jarry uses Mold Earth to remove the soil above the body and reveals a burlap sack in about the size of a halfling. Jarry hops into the hole and discovers what would appear to be the appropriate remains of a halfling who has undergone three weeks of decomposition underground. Jarry finds nothing that would discredit Elmo’s account of Kiro’s demise, concluding that it is likely his friend Kiro, and detecting no magical forces at work.

Meanwhile, Balyx is inquiring about wells. He discovers that there are several in town, and locates the one in question, but if there was once a water elemental inside, it is long gone.

Geth sends down a rope to Jarry and retrieves him from the grave, and Jarry takes a lock of hair from the corpse and reburies the body. We head back to the river by the mill around dusk.

Elmo is back at the tavern when Balyx returns. He explains that Rufus and Burne are heading into town. After a long time of listening to drunken incoherence, Balyx is able to pick up a running theme that the moathouse is a source of some evil in the area.

We all return to the Welcome Wench. By the time we return, Elmo has settled in with two men who are quite obviously well-dressed. We all head over, save Jarry, who continues to cry back at the table. We can tell that Rufus and Burne are a fighter and a magic user. Elmo enthusiastically introduces us. When Caela broaches the topic of the Temple of Elemental Evil and earning coin, Rufus and Brune tell us the story of their adventure. They explain that they do not necessarily have the resources to hire us to correct the problems in Hommlet, but whatever we find would be ours. Caela follows up asking specifically if there is a job for us to do. There is none specifically, so Balyx follows up by asking for a summary of what they had done, and what they had failed to do, seeing as the Temple was now apparently active again.

Hommlet was a small community at the time the heroes had arrived, and they had set up the mill first for commerce. Sometime after that, the party of Rufus and Burne noticed the initial signs of converted elementals, entered the Temple of Elemental Evil and killed its leadership and thought they had neutralized the threat. The cult had been sworn to Tharizdun, the Chained God, and began to find a way to infiltrate the various elemental planes and by rumor part of the town.

They are reluctant to name a particular location. They are very reluctant to name the location of the temple. They tell us there is unusual activity associated with Jaru, the local druid, as well as the millers. They do say that to solve the problem last time they went to the Temple of All Consumption to the north of Hommlet.

We decide to seek out Jaru.

10 platinum
Gems (page 45 blast)
3 paintings worth 75gp each
396 gold
1040 silver
1891 copper