RECAP: 5th Avengers, 1-17-21

by Tucker

Sorting through the treasure over our short rest, we find that we have a Gem of Force, a nonmagical scepter worth 1000g, an unreadable scroll, and a Lantern of Revealing with three cones. There is no other chest in the room, and Caela sits in front of the only other door in the room, which we spiked to bar entry during our rest, which was interrupted only by Lauris’s weasel scratching to be let in.

Having recovered, Lauris checks the door. It is neither locked nor trapped. The next room has little but dust and cobwebs, and one of the walls has “DEATH TO ALL OGRES” scrawled upon it in Common. Feeling confident, Lauris grabs the torch and walks into the room. There are several human skeletons and one ogre skeleton within the small room and one misses Lauris with his shortsword. Geth Wild Shapes into brown bear form and enters the room, noticing Lauris dodging out of his way and onto his back, and then Geth swipes the skeleton ahead of him with his claw with Lauris mounted atop him. Caela cast Goodberry as one skeleton misses Geth, and then another misses again. Balyx noses in the doorway and then walks into the hallway, realizing he can see nothing. Jarry strikes the nearest skeleton with Magic Missile, and Lauris, steadying himself on the bear, strikes the ogre skeleton with his rapier. More skeletons miss, except one connects to Geth for 4 points of damage, and another hits for 8, and another for 3. Geth gnaws at the skeleton in front of him and badly damages it. Caela notices that all of the skeletons are fixated upon the bear. Caela hangs back and Balyx continues to lose his mind. Jarry casts Magic Missile. Geth withdraws. The ogre strikes Caela with a shortsword, and Caela sends it into the after-afterlife with two swings from her heavy mace. Two skeletons advance. Balyx, overcome with zealous fervor, smites them. Jarry melts another with an acid arrow. Lauris takes a shot from a skeleton’s longbow. After a few more rounds of combat, we defeat all the skeletons and find among the dust tattered and useless leather armor, five shortswords and five shortbows. Between all the skeletons, there are nine regular arrows.

We head around back the way we came. We come to what was once the crux of the dungeon, with cells lining the wall and a foul smell hanging in the air. We are approached by several beings with foul odors, which have not attacked but that Geth knows to be not of the natural world, and that they are definitely evil. Geth motions to the group to prepare for combat.