Quickcap: QWTC, 10-22-23

  1. Following Velkro’s charge against the kuo-toa defenders, Storm raced in to support the cleric, laying about with his axe and trusting the defensive capabilities of Velkro’s sorcerous (feh!) guardians.
  2. T’riszira, using the bow given to her, took a flanking position and began shooting kuos, focusing on the right flank where, she suspected, was a kuo sorcerer.
  3. Duffy, now invisible, picked up a sack of crystals and the bomb and flew above the kuo line, into the shrine room.
  4. Ciaran, also invisible and flying, picked up the remaining crysstal sacks and flew eastward, over and past the advancing defenders and into the eastern wing of the complex.
    • Ciaran passed a large pool, filled with kup fingerlings and their female caretakers, as he wheeled southward
  5. In response, the kuo:
    • Moved their lines backward toward the shrine, closer to their second line, who began emerging from the water but stayed on the steps.
    • The kuo high priest retreated to the statue of Blipdoolpoolp, then called a huge ring of water up around the sides of the dais. Duffy saw creatures slithering within the water, huge wormlike creatures with mottled black skin.
  6. Between Storm and Velkro, the kuo soldiers began falling – but not quickly enough. The kuo sorcerer that T’riszira had spotted delivered significant damage to Velkro, forcing him to flee.
  7. Duffy made a parabolic dive over the walls of water onto the side opposite the high priest, he attached the bomb to the base of the statue with sovereign glue, set the timer for 30 seconds and fly off before the high priest could see him. The bomb, however, was in full view, and the high priest and his assistant immediately began tearing at it, trying to remove it from the statue.
  8. Ciaran, flying at full speed, hove into the southerly pool chamber and dropped the sack of crystals. The crystals bubble and foam, emitting a caustic gas and spreading swiftly in the water. It touched a couple of over-curious fingerling and they died almost immediately. Now visible, he flew toward the northerly pool.
  9. Two large crab creatures emerged from the main pool and began punching through the holes in teh kuo lines. One grabbed Storm and held him in place, while the other moved into the corridor to attack T’riszira.
  10. As he flew back into the main corridor and headed for the exit, Duffy dropped his bag fo crystas into the pool. It foamed and spread, touching a kuo toa warrior and killing him instantly.
  11. Storm finished the last of the kuos and escaped from the claws of the crab; he then beat a hasty retreat, past T’riszira who, now, has trapped by the second. The first crab is still after him, unwilling to lose a morsel as tasty as Storm.
  12. As Duffy flies toward the exit, the kuo high priest forces the walls of water to seal off the statue, forming a dome over the dais.
  13. Ciaran dropped the final sack of crystsals in the last pool and sped quickly back toward the party and the exit.