Quarantine With The Classics: 5-28-23 Quick-cap

  1. Finalized discussion with Jynzert re the destruction of the Kuo-toa religious site, to wit:
    1. Bomb for the statue
    2. Poison for the statue pool, the fingerling pool, and the noble lounge pool
    3. Drow spy that could be rescued and would help with getting into Menzo
  2. Took a long rest at the now-defunct drow outpost, full heals while the gnome commandos brought in reinforcements and set a bunch of traps in the river for any drow that were foolish enough to come around for a counterattack. 
  3. Planned how best to deliver the gnomish payload to the Kuo-toa targets
  4. Obtained travel food and wine from the gnomes, then a day and a half long trip through the caves and passages of the Underdark.
    1. Passed some sort of mushroom chamber, a few creatures, at least one drow patrol that shied off. 
  5. Approached the kuo-toa shrine from the south, coming upon some guards unawares. The party immediately attacked using, in part:
    1. A very loud barbarian
    2. Several eldritch blasts, about a third of which missed and flew up the hall into the darkness
    3. A fireball that earned Tom R four Verms in one round.
      1. Reddit post on how loud a fireball is (not that loud the farther away you are, apparently!) https://www.reddit.com/r/DMAcademy/comments/9j4whs/if_a_fireball_goes_off_in_the_woods_and_there_is/)
  6. More Kuo-toa are coming from the north. 

Here’s that clip I mentioned from Last of Us: