PRECAP: A Team, 2-17-19

Tonight we’re back in the fetid bowels of Citadel Drezen, continuing the search for the Sword of Valor! Theruk Nul is dead, staked and beheaded, but the area is empty and it seems the only way forward it so go back – back to the incinerator-like atmosphere surroundings what could only by the rumored Corruption Forge, with a cadre of salamanders diligently turning good- and holy-aligned weapons to rubbish. 

But that path is certainly not going to be easy. The room itself is described thusly: 

A ten-foot-wide cage encloses an elevated lift at the top of this high terrace. A line of chains and an array of pulleys allow the cage to be lowered down into the room or moved across the  room to a set of double doors at the far side of the chamber. 

The terrace and cage both overlook a large chamber with walls that seem to glow red hot. Heat wavers in the air, and wisps of vapor periodically waft up from the floor and walls, but the temperature atop the terrace is rather cool. Below, in the center of the room, squats a large forge made of black and red metal.

And you remember it looking a bit like this: 

The square portion at the upper right is above the lower area and served by a sort of cage elevator (black square). Drop distance is about 20 feet but the cage can also move laterally down at a ~34 degree down anglke, coming to rest within the four pillars near the double doors to the southwest. There’s some sort of chain drive that moves the cage… but it goes right past those salamanders working at the forge AND the two to the southeast will surely see any movement by the cage, laterally or downward. 

Normally about human sized, these salamanders are VERY large for their species, at least to your eyes. They are snakelike and scaled, and quite comfortable in the breathtakingly oppressive heat. The air is full of smoke and steam, and the heat is prodigious – it could be as high as 200 degrees in there, which could cause problems for people without Resistance. 

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