PRECAP: 13C, 3-1-19

So this is what I remember and have in my notes from last time…

  1. Originally, you infiltrated the castle from the dwarven cave system below; you made it through that, got into the castle itself via St. Harul’s Well, fought some o the Fallen, killed an evil unicorn, but were repulsed by a squad of hobgoblins and retreated via teleport to Korvosa.
  2. Upon return, you found the castle and grounds on high alert, with more guards, more activity, and giant moving brain out front.
  3. The party tried to force their way in but were again repulsed, as additional forces were brought to bear. The party went to Windwalk again, flew outside the Castle, and split up.

3a. Mira, Balthazar and Trevor flew behind the castle, landed, fought some other hobs, then went to Windwalk again and flew back over the woods on the other side of the river to the location where they had teleported in from Korvosa.

3b. Sr. Delores, Valkeer (and maybe Aerric) fly straight out over the river and kept flying due east for a long while, only much later returning back to the original teleport-in location. I have the as tentatively behind two hours behind the actions of Mira/Balt/Trevor.

To my knowledge communications between the two groups would normally be handled by Message but the range is short (250′ at Aerric’s level) with a duration of 2.5 hours. At start of game, the two groups are not in communication.

Further, one could assume that a search is going on for the invaders, that would be methodical and well-attended.

It’s approximately 2 pm on Erim Holden forces are schedule to arrive in 3.5 days (it’s Sunday the 6 of Lamashan, Holden’s forces are slated to arrive at dawn on the morning of the 10th).