Outside at Citadel Drezen

Current Situation:

Geir and the Kenebran Crusaders are holding tight on Paradise Hill, waiting for a sign that the Sword of Valor has been found, or relief in the form of an army of dwarven heavy foot out of the Five Kings Mountains under the command of General Harlakar (or Irabeth Tirablade and reinforcements from Kenebres, whomever arrives first). Snipers are still harassing the men and scouts, but they are far less active now than they were two days ago, before the FUP went inside the Citadel. In fact, scouts have reported increasing numbers of deserters leaving the Citadel, primarily to the north and west, although a fair amount are moving south.

The remaining armies of Drezen, humans (Ivory Tower) and tieflings (local boys) remain inside the walls. Heavy weapon fire from the citadel’s eastern platforms has dropped off considerably, even though scouts report that those battlements are still manned. The Ahari Bridge is undefended save for a few creatures running what look to be desultory patrols. The sappers who had tried to rebuilding the northern bridge to enable a pincer against Paradise Hill have stopped, no work is being done there for about a day and a half.

Geir keeps the men on their toes, shoring up the trenches and making sure they stay frosty on watch. He knows it could be days before help arrives… but that’s not common knowledge, and never will be. He and the Kenebrans watch, and wait, for their friends to come back victorious, Sword of Valor in hand…

Commander Geir Windal of the Kenebran Expeditionary Crusaders