Master List of Bills (and a Stacy)

As you know, natives of Greenpernt station are either named Bill or Stacy, with differing surnames. Below is the latest list of Bills we know:

Bill Scaramouche is a system commercial controller, has been the players’ primary contact with Greenpernt station administration. Scaramouche has taken 20 kcr in cash as a facilitation fee to allow the G&T to leave the system with two unrecorded passengers; has been contacted by Spofulam Corporation and subsequently declared himself as a “friend of the family” (overstated, surely, but nevertheless), and has provided information about Greenpernt administration activities on several occasions, including most recently a data set containing data on the movement of an Ursae kidnapper.

Bill Scaramouche

Scaramouche’s boss is Bill Shittingford, a senior commercial controller who has a direct relationship with the Ursae diplomatic mission at Greenpernt. When Gazi was released from custody, Scaramouche stated that Shittingford had been on lace with the Ursae mission for over 45 minutes before telling Scaramouche to release him.

Bill Tiefling was a low level commercial documents manager who processed incoming interstellar cargo deliveries. He was was at the terminal when two Ursae tried to tranquilize and kidnap Coffin Doyle and Weber Jiix. Tiefling was later followed and interrogated, where it was discovered he was forced to allow the Ursae their kidnapping attempt because he owes gambling debts to some level of Greenpernt organized crime syndicates. Tiefling was found dead in his apartment of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, with dossiers of each of the G&T crew on his table.

Bill Tiefling

Bill Narragansett and Bill “Big Bill” Megaburp were two shady types that Mehmet Tamm spotted hanging out at Seedy Stacy’s and, later, at what Tamm identified as a local drug house. They were observed meeting with Bill Tiefling after Tiefling was released from custody after the abortive Doyle and Jiix kidnapping attempt, an incident in which Narragansett slapped Tiefling in the face. Tiefling later told the crew that he owed gambling debts to Narragansett and Big Bill.

Bill Narragansett
Bill “Big Bill” Megaburp

Bill Numberless is a Greenpernt Constabulary detective and was the first on the scene at the “Bill’s Pub Bloodbath,” the incident where five humans were killed, and a sixth human and a wounded Ursae taken into custody (the human, Bill Thaddeus, is still in custody; the Ursae Gazi was released at the request of the Ursae diplomatic mission on station). He was accompanied by two other constables: Detective Stacy Frogs, Numberless’ partner, and a Kzinti named Zhar Jhana-Maan.

DS Bill Numberless
DC Stacy Frogs
DC Zhar Jhana-Maan

Bill Neighbors is the resident on the apartment next to residential bloc 365.9, an empty apartment potentially used as a safe house by Chameera after escaping from the G&T. neighbors reported hearing people inside arguing, then leaving the morning of the day of the Bill’s Pub Bloodbath.

Bill Neighbors

Bill Fentanyl recently introduced himself to the crew as a “friend of someone with tentacles” (the Affront are tentacled creatures). The conversation was brief but the crew assumes that he is a representative of the Affronter who is to provide ship-borne and personal weaponry to the crew at Palmer’s request.

Bill Fentanyl

Detective Bill Cigarette was sent by Bill Scaramouche to Bill Tiefling’s house to examine his body and question the crew of the G&T about how they cam to find Tiefling. He was generally no nonsense, asked pointed questions but did not seem to do so judgmentally.

DS Bill Cigarette

Bill Francour is an intelligence operative of unknown skills or allegiance. Initially contacted by Gen. Crozhingen to assist with gaining entry to Kykbandirz’ import/export office. Francour was able to get past the prodigious entry security and temporarily refute computer countermeasures, which allowed Crozhingen and Chief Doyle the time they needed to search the office.

Bill Francour

Other Bills

  • Bill Pendragon
  • Bill Testarossa