It’s Canon Now: Gambling in Classic Traveller

For Classic Traveller, gambling in port is settled in the following manner: For the entire evening’s effort…

  1. Player sets how much they want to bet; (example: 100cr)
  2. Player rolls Gambling check:
  3. For every integer + or – from 8, the player pays or receives a multiple of his/her bet

In practice: Gokker disembarks the Gin & Tonic and heads into Ascensio Station for a night at the gaming tables. Gokker is feeling lucky, so he declares his bet to be 1 Kcr (1000 cr).

Gokker rolls his Gambling check; he has Gambling-3, so he adds three to his roll. He rolls a 6, adds his Gmabling skill to make it a 9. 9 is +1 over 8, so Gokker wins 1 Kcr.

However, had Gokker not been a skilled gambler (remember, he has Gambling-3 skill, which makes him an expert gambler), his evening would have gone quite differently. Without that +3 to the roll, Gokker would have only had his natural roll of 6; that is -2 from 8, and so he would have lost 2 Kcr that evening, instead of winning 1 Kcr. In this particular case, Gokker’s experience and skill at gambling helped him to turn what would otherwise have been a losing night into a winning one.