Ironfang Update, November through February

In November:

The party continued fighting and making their way towards the middle of town where the remainder of the refugees were being held. When they had just reached the outer road they heard a noise overhead and saw their distraction flying off towards the forest with a few arrows decorating it’s wings and body. Knowing that all the attention that had been diverted south would be coming back towards them, they quickly scouted and found a wall that could be breached with some ladders found nearby.

A defensive position was formed to “aggressively discourage” anyone from interfering in the operation, and the refugees were brought one by one over the wall where they formed a tight group around Ecko. All was going like a well oiled machine until Ephram heard is daughters voice call “Daddy”. After the brief tearful reunion that temporarily stopped progress, Ephram regained his composure and goaded her on and the evacuation proceeded until all were outside the walls.

In January:

The rescue operation continued as planned. The last remaining refugees in Phaendar were huddled around Ecko while everyone else formed a screen as they made their way as quickly as possible to the river. It became very clear, once the cover of the houses was abandoned, that several groups had discovered the escape and dozens of warriors were converging on the fleeing group. Several members of the party slowed the advance of hobgoblins while the remaining heroes aided in getting the refugees to and across the river. Just as hobgoblins got close enough and started reaching for their crossbows, Valki conjured up large swaths of billowing fog to cover their escape. With bolts whizzing all around them, all the heroes and those that were rescued made their way safely across the river and into the cover of the forest.

After getting 20-30 minutes deep in the forest the party stumbled upon the green dragon, Krynn, who was just finishing pulling several arrows and bolts out of the various parts of his body. The refugees all stood silently in shock and the dragon made no attempt to hide the fact that he found that very amusing. After some playful banter back and forth, Ecko healed the dragon and the dragon reminded the party that he had performed his end of the deal and that the party’s side was to help him rid the forest of anyone who would cause long term damage to it (this included the refugees too). After thanking Ecko for the heal, the dragon flew off to the north and out of sight. Exclamations and questions erupted immediately from the townsfolk over what they had just witnessed and it took the heroes several minutes to placate the mob.

Travel continued towards the half way house but was interrupted when Takeshi, Valki, and Ephram figured out someone was following. An ambush was set and quickly executed. Eight orcs and hobgoblins walked right into the trap that Ephram had set and he opened fire. A melee ensued and Karog started cutting down foes like they were made of paper while the rest of the heroes joined in. Valki cast some very clutch web and fear spells which allowed everyone else to make quick work of the hobgoblin war party.

After the battle was over the group resumed it’s way towards the halfway house and ultimately back to the caves.

In February:

Everyone made it back home where round 2 of both happy and sad tears were shed by all. After the initial reception, Jet, Aubrin, and Nanet, organized a welcoming feast and a very good night was had by all.

The next morning, the party explained the need for foraging in the forest to be done carefully and thoughtfully. There were some grumbles from the already exhausted workers, but the tasks were adjusted and work continued without a problem due in large to the recent peak in morale. For the next several days many meetings were held to administer affairs of the camp, and plan the next steps and priorities. At the conclusion of those discussions, finding the Chernasardo Rangers was determined to be the next important goal.

As the party gathered outside to leave the next morning a scream was heard which caused the party to jump into action. Owlbears were attacking two of the refugees. The party engaged as quickly as they could but one of the workers was cut down before the party could explain to the Owlbears the error of their ways. Just as the fight had concluded, Ephram noticed a treant retreating through the woods. He gave chase and tried to communicate with it, but was met with a (poorly) thrown rock. After the party regrouped and discussed what Ephram had seen, they decided to track the creature and discover the reason for it’s odd behavior.

After almost a day’s travel, the glade of the treant was discovered. Ecko decided it was best he approached speaking in Sylvan to try and parlay with the creature (even after it had tried to attack Ephtram). Ecko took a very patient and observant stance while the treant spit venom with her words towards all humanoid creatures that harmed her forest. Through much patience and skill he understood their misunderstandings and slowly converted the treant to their side. While doing this he made an agreement (like with the dragon Krynn) that they would continue to help ridding the forest of the destructive hobgoblins if the treant (Longfrond) would help their camp use the forest in a more considerate and efficient way. An understanding was established and then the party returned to their task of making contact with the rangers.

After a few days travel a dehydrated injured elf was discovered hanging from a tree in the middle of the forest. Through the use of spells from Takeshi, Valki, and Ecko, he was freed from the tree and brought down safely to be healed.