Ironfang Update: Episode 29

In July:

The battle was concluded with the heroes victorious! There were some tense moments and some folks lost consciousness but a win is a win no matte how you get there. After the battle there was looting and tidying up the camp. By the time the cleanup from the battle was over, it was dinner time. The party sat down for dinner after a hard fight and a laborious cleanup. The plans that were made during dinner were that the party is going to head back to the caves, then make a last effort to liberate as many townsfolk as possible before their numbers and awareness gets to a level that is impossible for a small group.

In August:

While dinner  conversation was coming to a close and it was determined that the party would head back home without resting, the heroes became aware that a fight between massive foes was happening not too far from their current position. After a quick deliberation, it was decided that investigation was needed. On approach the group was a little shocked to see several green skinned 10 foot tall trolls were fighting a fairly large green dragon. As both of these creatures are typically evil, the smart choice would have been to wait until the battle was over then finish off the weakened victor. That is not however what was decided.

The heroes quickly joined the fray and took the side of the green dragon. After a minute or so of intense action, all of the trolls lay lifeless either covered in acid or smoldering from the flames. The dragon seemed amused by the whole situation and accepted both the help of the heroes and healing from Ecko. Friendship is too strong of a word to describe what happened between the dragon and party, but a loose respect was formed while everyone rested from the combat. In the end, the party agreed to help rid the forest of anything doing harm (including themselves) and the dragon agreed to help in a non-martial capacity the rescue of more slaves formerly from Phaendar.