Ironfang Invasion Quickcap: May-June-July

In May:

The party continued their scouting and planning of the attack and as their first step, they worked to pick off some of the small patrols from the camp. After two successful ambushes and a few dead hobgoblins, the party decided it was time to start the attack.  

They snuck along the northern woods close to the ridge that made the northern barrier of the camp. Takeshi transformed and in the shape of a fox with the help of Dawg, created a distraction that allowed him to approach the watchtower to the west of the camp. Once below the tower and out of direct sight, he set the tower ablaze while the rest of the party started approaching with ranged weapons at the ready.

The party reached the tower and dispatched one of the two guards in it. Several  bluffs were made to call the camp to help with the fire as the party took positions to bottleneck the camp on a single stairway.

In June:

The battle continued with Valki and Takeshi going north, then into the camp while the rest stayed up on top of the bluff readying the ambush. Takeshi and Valki were able to stir up a hornets nest inside the camp and provide a distraction for the actual ambush.

Ephram circled south up on top to start playing a game of shooting fish in a barrel. As Hobgoblins and Orcs started dropping, the camp came to life and all combatants poured from every structure. Everything seemed to be going more or less according to plan until Scarvinious pushed his way up the stairs and engaged an already wounded Karog and knocked him to the ground.

In July:

The battle was concluded with the heroes victorious! There were some tense moments and some folks lost consciousness but a win is a win no matte how you get there. After the battle there was looting and tidying up the camp. By the time the cleanup from the battle was over, it was dinner time. The party sat down for dinner after a hard fight and a laborious cleanup. The plans that were made during dinner were that the party is going to head back to the caves, then make a last effort to liberate as many townsfolk as possible before their numbers and awareness gets to a level that is impossible for a small group.

It is at the end of dinner at the ruined hobgoblin camp that we will pick up tonight.