Ironfang Invasion: Previous Session Quick-caps

By Mike P


After the combat in the cave entrance, the heroes quickly but cautiously pushed into the cave fearing the worst for their friends they had left there to prepare for their coming. In common room on the upper level they found one of the townsfolk dead, but to their relief they found the remainder of the preliminary construction force holed up and barricaded in the forge room on the lower level. After verifying that the rest of the cave system was safe, the rest of the Phaendar refugees were allowed to enter and begin the lengthy process of moving into their new home.

The party spent several days helping  everyone acclimate to living in the caves and discussing plans going forward. As information was shared among all, several important tasks were identified, including:

  • Second rescue attempt to get more refugees and Ephram’s family.
  • Reach out to surrounding towns to notify about Phaendar and get help.
  • Locate local hobgoblin camp/stronghold and eliminate.
  • Reach out to the Chernasardo Rangers for help.

It was determined that the only chance the small group had at any long term survival was to first, find the source of hobgoblin scouts and warriors on this side of the river and eliminate it once and for all. The party departed after cave defenses had been sufficiently erected and began searching for the hobgoblin camp. It took several days of scouting and travel, but on the third day, the camp was found. The stealthiest of the bunch got close enough to sufficiently scout the enemy camp and that night at a campfire less than a mile away, the planning began for the extermination of that threat.


The party continued their scouting and planning of the attack and as their first step, they worked to pick off some of the small patrols from the camp. After two successful ambushes and a few dead hobgoblins, the party decided it was time to start the attack.  

They snuck along the northern woods close to the ridge that made the northern barrier of the camp. Takeshi transformed and in the shape of a fox with the help of Dawg, created a distraction that allowed him to approach the watchtower to the west of the camp. Once below the tower and out of direct sight, he set the tower ablaze while the rest of the party started approaching with ranged weapons at the ready.

The party reached the tower and dispatched one of the two guards in it. Several  bluffs were made to call the camp to help with the fire as the party took positions to bottleneck the camp on a single stairway.