Ice Dice kickstarter gets even better

to wit:

This new tray will be available as an add-on for anyone who has already pledged at any level. Just add the amount and you will be able to choose the new tray once you have been sent your after-campaign questionnaire. 

The tray will contain 5 dragon head moulds, with each head measuring just under 2 inches. The outer design will be the same as the Ice Dice and so can stack on top of the Ice Dice tray to take up less space in your freezer. The inside will be the same medical grade silicone, so food creation will be possible for the dragon heads as well. It will be a very similar weight to the Ice Dice Tray.

This is an independent add on and will not be offered as part of any current pledge level combination.

For anyone who wants to know a little more about this after campaign questionnaire then please read on…

Crowd Ox

For those who are familiar with Kickstarter campaigns may well have heard of Crowd Ox. For those who are new to Kickstarter, Crowd Ox will be our partners who will run the post campaign pledge management.

What that means is that sometime after the campaign ends (usually a few weeks after), all backers are sent a questionnaire (or some people call it a survey). In that questionnaire you will be asked to confirm your pledge, be given the opportunity to add any other trays and add ons you may want, confirm your address and pay for postage. You will also be shown other Spidermind Games items you may want to order to have delivered with your trays.

The add ons you will be offered will be any combination of pledges, trays and extras. If you have the pack of four but want 2 more then you can add on the perfect pair at the same price as the Kickstarter campaign. There is no combination of multiple pledges and add ons we cannot accommodate through Crowd Ox.

And in other news…

Clear Ice

We tried the methods set out in this wiki article and were almost successful.

We promised earlier in the campaign to show you our endeavours to make perfectly clear Ice Dice.

The dice is clear, if a bit frosty (as they had just come out of the freezer) but the method was quite convoluted.

We went for the method where the tray is placed in an insulated container and freezes slowly from the top down. In our experiments we needed to place the Ice Dice tray at the top of the insulated box propped up on something. We also needed the airholes to be underneath (at the bottom of the tray) so, as the ice froze from the top, the impurities were squeezed out through the bottom of the mould and into the void underneath. This involved submerging the Ice Dice tray in the water, spinning it on its head and well… it got complicated (as you can read).

Our solution is to see if we couldn’t design something that would make clear Ice Dice (and Dragon Dice).

Simply put it is an insulated surround that your Ice Dice (or Dragon Ice) tray will fit in. The only difference is that you will need a new silicone mould (bottom half only) with holes in, for the water to fill the void beneath first before filling the dice mould sections. Not a new white outer shell, just the silicone mould section. 

This new half of the mould will replace the bottom half you get with your Ice Dice tray and will be sold as part of the insulated tray holder. You will need the two different bottom sections as holes, when baking or making Ice Dice in the normal tray, will just get messy (as we develop this idea, we will publish a video to show how it works in practice and fully explain how it is made up)

The prototype will not be ready until after the end of the campaign but if it is a hit then it will be offered to all backers, first through Crowd Ox and our development of it will be showcased here in the ‘updates’ section of the campaign page.

As this is just an idea at the moment, please do let us know in the comments if this is something you want to see us continue to develop. It is, after all, a collaboration between creator and backer as to what comes out of this campaign.