How 6th Edition Could Bring About The Same Conditions That Created Pathfinder

Pathfinder will always be a worthy alternative to DnD and can be played for free. It is the more complicated system and the perfect game to play for those that aren’t a fan of the streamlining design philosophy that Wizards of the Coast has been using for DnD. Still, this isn’t the only rival that could boom after One D&D’s launch. Many systems use or modify 5e, such as Ruins of Symbaroum, in somewhat similar ways to Pathfinder 1e’s modifications of 3.5e, although they tend to be more drastic.

Critical Role Productions seems to be taking an eerily similar path to Paizo, with the company seemingly looking to split with DnD and make its own TTRPG system. Daggerheart is from the minds of Matt Mercer and others, and with Critical Role’s massive following, could become one of One D&D’s biggest rivals when it launches. Daggerheart will be familiar enough to 5e players, since it is fairly streamlined, but the use of cards offers a distinct difference to DnD.

Still, this is an opportunity for another TTRPG to boom in popularity if One DnD disappoints a portion of the fan base, as 4e did. Perhaps Pathfinder will continue to grow and come closer to matching Dungeons & Dragons’ player count, however unlikely that is. Perhaps Critical Role’s Daggerheart will rise to the challenge and be another rival for Wizards of the Coast to keep its eye on. With the launch of One D&D on the horizon, it will at least be an eventful time for the TTRPG genre.