RECAP: A TEAM, 2-10-19, plus video

Theruk gives the FUP a difficult time in, as Chuck observed, the traditional fashion.

A one room night on Sunday, as the FUP hunting down Theruk Nul, half-orc vampire, apparent cleric, ceiling walker and Greater Invisibility potion drinker. Theruk initially dominated Illendar, forcing him to set Storm on Otto, who was hunting the vampire using his Scent ability. Storm forced Otto into Theruk’s library, where Bardos was packing up the books and Lothar trying to get the tortured crusader Idrian on his feet and ascertain whether he could fight (answer: probably not). Theruk turned up the heat, telling Illendar to kill Lothar as well, and focusing his attentions on Fletcher and, later, Flashheart, as Bardos tried to pin down the invisible vampire with Web and Ice Slick spells.

Time was not on Theruk’s side, however, as his reliance in Greater Invisibility had put him into a precarious situation, especially as the party was having greater success in hemming him in. Bardos’ Grease spell detached Theruk from the ceiling, at which point he fell into the Web and was trapped. Bardos dumped the Web the next round and Theruk fell to the floor, at the same time his invisibility elapsed. Flashheart made short work of him, and they followed his gaseous form back through a hidden panel in the library, behind which Theruk’s coffin lay. The party beheaded and staked him, per tradition, and examined his goods, which included a Vicious dagger and another potion of Greater Invisibility.

A thorough examination of the area turned up no other secret doors or passages, leading the party to believe that, perhaps, the way to the banner was back in the direction of the salamanders and the forge. But before that, hopes of a divination were discussed. Rest is required, and the party, after some debate and another search of the area, were thinking of hunkering down until dawn, so that Lothar could pray for the spells he needs to magically search for the Sword of Valor.