87 Yes/No Questions Answered by Erastil

  1. Are you considering growing muttonchops? Yes
  2. Should Gato drink the potion? No
  3. Is the potion made of Nyahydrian crystals? Yes
  4. Does Xanthir Vang know where we are? No
  5. Is any of the loot we pulled out of the Fortress cursed? No
  6. Is it possible to kill Xanthi Vang? Yes
  7. Are there more than ten combatants left in the Fortress? Yes
  8. Are there more than 20? No
  9. Will there be more than 20 tomorrow? No
  10. Are any of them attractive? No
  11. Would blocking the secret tunnel entrance give us an advantage? No
  12. Is the tunnel how Xanthir is moving people in and out of the Fortress? Yes
  13. Would it be of tactical advantage for us to go in using the secret door rather than the front door? No
  14. Does Xanthir have more of those construct creatures? Yes
  15. Does he have more than two? No
  16. Does he have more than one? Yes
  17. Are all of the refugees innocents? No
  18. Is the Princess Jerribeth an enemy? ehhhhh….
  19. Is Princess Jerribeth dangerous? Yes
  20. Is she planning on attacking/killing/harming us? No
  21. Is she dangerous to Xanthir? No
  22. Is she the keymaster? No
  23. Should she drink the potion? No
  24. Did she drink a portion from Xanthir? No
  25. Is she who she says she is? No
  26. Is she dangerous to us? No (rephrase please)
  27. Is she a danger to us? No
  28. Does she mean us harm? No
  29. Would she sleep with me? (Gato) No
  30. Does she intend to betray us? No
  31. Does she want Xanthir dead? No
  32. Will she stop us from killing Xanthir? No
  33. Is she evil? Yes
  34. Are the other two survivors evil? No
  35. Didn’t we check her for evil? Yes
  36. She got around Fflasheart’s Detect Evil? Yes
  37. Does Xanthir knows she’s evil? Yes
  38. Is she Xanthir? No
  39. Do the elves know she’s evil? No
  40. Is she a magic user? No
  41. Is she human? No
  42. Is She an elf? No
  43. Is she a demon? Yes
  44. Will she harm Storm? No
  45. Will the demon-barrier stop her from approaching Drezen? No
  46. Will she harm anyone at Drezen? Can’t know that – initially answer would be no
  47. Would she harm Arushalae? Yes
  48. Is there a significant trap that could harm us on our way to capture Xanthir? Yes
  49. Is that trap in the Fortress? Yes
  50. Is it physical? Yes
  51. Can it be disarmed? No. Well, theoretically yes. You’ll be able to identify it, but the chance of you being able to disable it is highly unlikely.
  52. Is there information in the Fortress that will help us find the city of the dead, where we need to find Jesker Helton’s soul? Yes
  53. So we still need information out of the Fortress, to go save Jesker? Yes
  54. Does Xanthir usually hang out in the north side of the Fortress? No
  55. West side? Yes
  56. Does Xanthir hang out in the red circle that Otto saw, with the posts? No
  57. Does Xanthir have a weakness? Yes
  58. Is it a weakness for fire? No
  59. Electricity? No
  60. Any element? No
  61. Does he have a big roulette wheel that circles around with people pinned to it? No
  62. Is Xanthir still human? No
  63. Is he a demon? No
  64. Is he an outsider? No
  65. Is he a swarm? (pause) No
  66. is he a magical beast? No
  67. Can he regenerate? Yes
  68. Can he bleed to death? (pause) Yes
  69. Does he swim? No
  70. Is Gato evil? Yes (just kidding, he’s not)
  71. Is Xanthir afraid of one party member more than another? No
  72. Does he have resistance to magic? Yes
  73. Can he teleport? Yes
  74. Does he have resistance to… charisma? (Fflash) Yes
  75. Does he have swarm traits? No
  76. Is he susceptible to good or holiness? No
  77. Cold Iron? No
  78. Silver? No
  79. Adamantine? No
  80. Bug spray? Maybe
  81. Chaos? No
  82. Law? Potentially, yes.
  83. Sound? Yes
  84. Is he a divine spellcaster? No
  85. Is there another entrance to the Fortress that we have not found? No
  86. Was Les’s high school girlfriend the influence for all his evil NPCs? No (pause) Well, I don’t know.
  87. Really? Yes