5th Avengers, 12-6-20

By Tucker

Jarry describes the courtyard–paved white with cobblestones. Grass grows through, and rubble from the destroyed second story. A brown, tarry smear heads toward the upper level. Caela climbed up on the wall. Lauris moves the fly. Geth investigates the brown smear; it is definitely humanoid blood. A small curved blade and adventurer’s pack are off to the side. The pack contains nothing of any real value, but does contain a parchment, an invitation to a celebration of the goddess of pain, Loviatar. It contains information of transport to Threshold, and about worshippers of evil gods. The new moon, mentioned in the note, is two days off. Geth picks up the knife. We hear the sound of splashing as the frogs return to the water. Balyx approaches the dragon. Jarry can tell the dragon sees him and heads over to the wall to hids. Balyx can see the dragon’s eyes darting as Jarry hides, still concentrating on invisibility. As Geth finishes reading the note, he sees an adult blue dragon looking directly at him, perfectly still. He knows that colored dragons are notoriously evil. Blue dragons are known for perception and have a lightning breath weapon. An adult blue dragon would go anywhere to increase its horde, eat, or wreak havoc if it is in the mood. Based on our previous experience with the devil dogs, Geth figures a dragon could be well out of our league. He doesn’t get a good sense of what might be motivating this creature.

Jarry pulls Invisibility. Balyx greets the dragon. He compliments him on his work destroying the cultists’ den. The dragon whispers to Balyx: “Dragonborn, I smelled you when you entered the courtyard. What do you want?” Balyx explains that we are here to investigate the death of a friend at the hand of cultists, and asks him to tell of his deeds. The dragon flexes his wings, creating a stir in the air, enough for the wind to blow past him and into the courtyard. We smell a strong smell of death. There is a woman’s corpse with bow, sword, black robes, and studded leather armor. Caela is filled with dread at the rush of the stench of death. Balyx learns that the dragon came for the food. Caela moves away from the dragon, in search of the death-scent. Lauris sends in the weasel, who flees upon catching sight of the dragon. Geth walks up the steps, casually as he can manage, and speaks to Balyx, asking him what’s going on. Inaudible to him, the dragon whispers to Balyx, “Your friends are brave.” We can tell that the dragon is huge. The dragon rises above the platform, stretching as it does. Balyx asks the dragon for permission to inspect the possessions of his prey, otherwise graciously taking their leave. The dragon asks what we offer. Balyx offers supplements and jewelry. The dragon asks us all to approach. Jarry approaches, brandishing his jewelry. The dragon appears unimpressed. We approach as we are able, and the dragon says to Balyx that he can assure his companions that they will not be harmed in this discourse. He can tell that a spell has been cast, but can’t tell which one. We approach the dragon as we are able, except Lauris, cowering in fear. The dragon explains that he does not understand why we are here, and that the business of wreaking retribution on the cultists who worship below is not his. The dragon explains that it is by the goodness of his priorities that we will be allowed to continue our search in the Moathouse, given that he is of power much exceeding ours. We strike a bargain and the dragon will claim fifty percent of our take from the keep. He also asks for Geth’s bag of holding, which Geth obliges. He asks them to leave half the treasure in the moat with a mark that he supplies, and explains that he will know if he has been cheated. In full splendor, the dragon flies off. We can tell there is a magical mace and a magical shortbow, with twelve conventional arrows. There is also a parchment that radiates magic.