13C: The final battles

There will be five battles between now and Labor Day to end 13C. Five set-piece encounters: different enemies, different terrains, different challenges.

The Final Battles are: 
1. The Fallen
2. The Tactician
3. The Wronged
4. The Book
5. The Bell

Essentially, you’ll earn points in each encounter – for every enemy you defeat, for “bottle-cap” worthy actions, for great roleplay. After each encounter, points are tallied and loot is awarded. If you reach the required point total, you as a team are victorious, Erim Holden arrives and retakes the castle from Ombrol. If you don’t reach the required points at the end of the five battles, Erim’s attack will fail and Orcus’ effort to release himself from his multi-dimensional prison continues. 

Points awarded for defeating enemies works likes this: you’re awarded points equal to a creature’s CR for each creature you kill or otherwise defeat; that total is multiplied against the number of the encounter itself – by 1 in the first encounter, by 2 in the second, and so on. Note: it is impossible to acquire enough points in a single encounter to win the game. I don’t know the exact number of points required to win yet, so don’t ask, but I should know by Friday. 

You are considered to have fully healed and rested before each battle, so at the start of every battle all characters yet alive will come in at full power and health. Characters who die may be resurrected if the party has that ability. If the party doesn’t, characters who die in battle are out of the game and join Doug and I on the bad guy’s side. You will not be able to resupply on diamonds – whatever you have on your character now, that’s it. You will not be able to scribe, make potions, or otherwise craft between battles. 

You may either as a party or as individuals, concede defeat at any time, including this Friday. If you concede defeat as a party, Erim fails but all of you escape with your lives. If you concede individually, your character escapes with his/her life and you as a player join me and Doug on the bad guy’s side. 

The first encounter, on Friday, will be “The Fallen.” You’ll recall that the last time we played, you encountered a Fallen knight and his wolf-like companion. He’s there. He now has friends. The terrain is a 100′ diameter (not radius – diameter) circle with a sarcophagus in the center, Floor and walls are made of stone, ceiling is 50′ high and domed at the top. You cannot see into the darkness at the top of the dome. There are two hallways, 10 feet wide each, that lead out of the circular room to the east and west. The stone walls are not super smooth, DC 15 climb check. 

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