13C Powers Through 2nd Final Battle, point count now 209

The 13 earned maximum points last Friday as they powered through the second of five final battles slated to end the campaign. Called “The Tactician,” the 13C went up against an orog general, his lieutenants, , and a mixed platoon of orog and hobgoblins defending three giant catapults and the “bull” a semi-sentient greek-fire thrower in a protected gantry.

Sixteen rounds were allotted for the party, who used only ten to deliver the defeat. MVP award unanimously went to Steve for Aerrick’s clutch use of THREE Greater Black Tentacles spells, which effectively controlled the battlefield and laid waste to the bulk of the Tactician’s forces.

Starting orog forces: over nearly 70 individual figs.
Preparations commence
The field with orogs and hobs deployed. Lichen hides the internal area where the Tactician himself resides.
After an initial series of setbacks from above, the orogs try to get to the tower and bring their numbers to bear against the 13C
Mira is enjoying this
The fight is on the doorstep, and the 13C is infiltrating the Bull’s gantry.
The hobs were locked up by the Black Tentacles and couldn’t get into the fight except with some crossbow shots.
I can’t even believe this shit
Inside the gantry. Aerrick is flying outside delivering problems to pretty much everyone.
The Tactician emerges! And is surrounded.
The orogs kept coming but it was to no avail

Next up: The Wronged, in which a selection of all those NPCs/monsters that the 13C has somehow committed affronts against or in some fashion insulted, bedeviled, scorned or otherwise shat upon rise up collectively to get revenge! People you may see…

  • Edris Takeda and Camilla Volcatur of 9th Cluster, Prince’s Detectives
  • Ain Mekh from the Black Pyramid
  • Kaja Steward from Ye Olde Magick Shoppe in Oppara
  • “Mrs. Umbridge” or The Lady Inspectress Margaret Saxby, Communications Coordinator for the Constables

… and others as well! I’ll be going back deep into the catalog, believe me. This will likely be an arena-style battle – nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.