13C Beats The Wronged in tough 3rd fight, point count at 453

Next up is The Book, whom if the 13C is able to defeat him, they will exceed the amount of points needed for victory.

The field – an angular arena of large proportions, with several interesting features: first, four pillars that shot fire at anything within range; second, two pillars that paralyzed anything within range; and finally, a pillar of doom, from which any player rolling a natural five or less was required to pull a block. The penalty for knocking over the pillar? a Mega-Fumble.

A more long view of the arena, with the eight Wronged enemies, including:

  1. Edris Takeda and Camilla Volcatur of the 9th Cluster, Crown Prince’s Detectives
  2. Ain Mekh, the Black Pharaoh’s toughest assistant. She was an ecorche, or skin-stealer.
  3. Lord Ombrol of the Tower, who had given his life to Orcus and paid the ultimate price.
  4. Kaja Steward and her Eidolon, aka Lady Inspectress Margaret Saxby.
  5. The Gorger King, an encephalon gorger of high reknown, here for revenge for the deaths of his comrades at Eduard Gavigan’s island.
  6. The Moonpriest, a cleric of Nyarlathotep, herald of the cultists.

Kaja sends in Lady Saxby (now a giant serpentine crab) while the Gorger King comes from the flank.

Ain Mekh comes in for the kill. The Moonpriest of Nyarlathoptep looks on, waiting for the best moment to attack.

Lord Ombrol approaches the Pillar of Doom.

Fhtagn! The Moonpriest is paralyzed by the pillar trap.

The Moonpriest is dispatched, which Valkeer and Ain Mekh slug it out.

Moonpriest down.

The end! The last Wronged, Ain Mekh, falls to the concerted efforts of the 13C. Full points awarded.

What would have happened had the Pillar of Doom fallen? “Severed Body Part.”

Stats, rules and initiatives. It was a helluva fight!