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1-23-18 River Bend, the city of Perthius, as described by Perthius himself...

Whether you come north, from Canistan, east from the XYZ Mountains, south, from Viscum Forest, or west, from the rolling hills of Kirshan County proper, the scene is the same. Looming up from the horizon is the fortified city. Long before the shape of the walls can be identified the tower of the city’s creator greets you with a watchful gleam. It is within that tower where the savior, as well as the bane, of the kingdom manages the vast enterprise known as “Kirshan County”.

Though none could argue that his intellect has brought order and prosperity to the region it has come with tremendous collateral damage. Forests decimated, rivers rerouted and dammed, landscape and topography altered beyond recognition have all made enemies of the city’s benefactor. On the other hand such adjustments were deemed necessary to feed countless refugees and all aspects of the war-machine. Modifications were required so those displaced could work the land, find purpose in rebuilding a way of life, and of course, finance the insatiable appetite for power characteristic of all leaders

Such is the world into which your caravan approaches. By day smoke from immense furnaces mixes with the moist fog rolling off the river. By night the city scape is illuminated by countless orbs that neither put off smoke nor dim with the passing hours. All manner of humanoid-creature scurry about either buying or selling products ranging from the mundane to the exotic. Yet in all the hustle of the common folk you are certain that there are eyes upon you.

You have entered a world where anything is truly possible. Everything about your surroundings evidences adventure, grave danger, wealth, and death. You can either sample the wears of this thriving metropolis and then move on, or pull up a seat at any one of the many gathering places. Whatever choice you make your life is forever changed just by your presence.

Welcome to the city of vengeance. Welcome to the city of endless opportunity. Welcome to the city of wondrous change. Welcome to the city of fanatic dedication to protection and assassination in equal measure. Welcome to the city of River Bend...

1-23-18 Greyhawk is less a bucolic medieval analog and more a barren depopulated post-apocalyptic wasteland.
1-21-18 Fletcher stood over the body of the Iomedaen crusader, his greatsword dripping. The coppery smell of battle, alongside sweat, smoke and the pervading smell of the Mung, filled the air of the small room. Next to him, a large dog, with a hint of white foam at it's muzzle, growled low and disappeared.

Bardos looked on from the doorway. his strange eyes lighting on the crumpled body of the tiefling on the floor. "She fought diligently."

Illendar nodded. "And not without skill, far in excess of the prowess we have encountered among the Mung."

Fflasheart harrumphed. "Is there a door? Ladder? A knotted rope? Anything leading upward? After days down here, I am anxious to see for myself what remains of Kenebras."

"None that I can see," Fletcher said, looking about.

"Our guests will take that poorly," Fflasheart said, his eyes flicking to the side where Mercy made obsequious noises at Gwerm as the older man continued alternating whine with sneer in his demands to reach the surface more swiftly. Anevia looked on in mixed sympathy and disdain, her healed ankle bearing up well under the strain. .

Farina the injured huntress sat up, her face gray and eyes rheumy. Her blood still darkened the stone nearby but Otto emitted a loud rumble that, in a smaller cat, would be considered a purr and wormed his way into Farina's lap. Lothar, avoiding the panther as it rubbed it's head against Farina's hand, continued to make adjustments to her bandages. "You'll live, but you've lost a bit of blood and you need rest," Lothar said. "Stay close to me, if you can, so I can help."

Farina nodded slowly and began to get to her feet.

Fflashheart broke the small silence that followed. "Well, so long as the way upward is not that way... [he pointed to the Mung meat locker, which even now fully closed still shed a mélange of odors that at best could be described as "decomposition" and at worst "nauseatingly charnal"] ... we should resume our search! Perhaps that cleric is in possession of something that could assist us."

"Cleric?" asked Bardos.

"Aye," Fflashheart said. "She's something to someone's church. That spell that laid out our archeress, that was divine magic, shaped like a glaive - that's Baphomet's weapon. And a glaive in her hand as well, like the hard-eyed oil-spiller behind us." His eyes widened at the memory. "Ach, I'm a fool! I'd thought about the dubious intelligence of lighting defensive oil fires down here - the smoke would choke us, and I'd assumed error on their part. But if the smoke has a chimney to follow..." He snapped his fingers. "Confound these Baphometers! If our half-elven friend says there are no secret stairways to the surface back there, I'd wager a night at the pub that the way out leads past that fired barricade."

"And they're well alerted to us," Lothar added thoughtfully. "Who knows what surprises they may have...?"

"I'll be ready to go in a moment," Farina said, slowly wiping commingled sweat and blood from her forehead. Otto made a low yowling sound in response to her voice. "A few moments, only, and I'll be ready to move out..."

1-19-18  We're back online, only took 3.5 years.
BDC: "I'm a Paladin, not a trigonometrist!"

"If a burning dragon fell in the woods..." [everyone] "... does anyone hear it?"

"I'd follow you to the end of the earth!" "The edge of the pit will be fine."

"Hold my mead..."
BDC: Myth Drannor is saved from the demons and fully cleared, so it's back to the Island!  | LNGN: The fight against the Mung goes well as can be expected, thanks to kill-count leader Fletcher |

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