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6-26-14 Someone tipped off the humanoids | BEST craigslist ad ever or best Craigslist ad EVER? | Gygax 4 is out [31m download] | Five rules you're probably interpreting wrongly | Dice shaming needs to become a thing |
"How... gooey is he?" -Scott, LNGN
BDC: Thaedon named Count of Verbot | LNGN: Mub makes his move on Caltra |

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First Floor of the tower of Count Perthius | ruler of Krishian County, Lord High Magister of Ravenwind, Knight of the Phoenix Exemplar.

6-6-14 70th Anniversary of D-Day, then and now | George RR Martin will kill you for $20,000, promises "a grisly death" | the new Pathways is out (warning: 25m download) | Walkthrough of the Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl | Raging Owlbear weighs in on attack bonuses per level by edition |
6-1-14 One-Page Dungeon winners for 2014 have been announced
5-31-14 Krazy Ivan's RPG Kickstarter update new stuff weekly, exercise your inner 'Banker From Monopoly'
5-30-14 from Steve: new Pathfinder Society site launches  and the Know Direction podcast guys talk about tech including Roll20 (which everyone on LNGN uses) and Hero Lab (which I have and, while expensive, is awesome)
5-29-14 Top 10 past quote lists for Steve, Bob and Devin will be coming next, review here for suitables | EN world has the D&D 5E release schedule and tons of news | coolness: TSR+WOTC+Paizo history chart |
Pending: Gordon and my discussion on the nature of illusions in Pathfinder, as compared to 1E  (posting this weekend)|

Top 10 Bob Past Quotes

10. "Well, he's basically been beaten senseless in a quiet environment."

9. "I love campaigns this small!"

8. "I can't see what you're doing because I can't see past the s'mores dish."

7. "200 gold pieces? That's half a warhorse, you moron."

6. "Without a doubt, no question, you think you're going the right way."

5. "The foot is not evil.

4. "Are you unconscious? Because if you are unconscious, I need to know that."

3. "It's kind of an initiative roll. Kind of."

2. "Hey, you remember the earlier discussion, where we talked about if I made the encounters tougher…"

1. "90, on a fumble?? You're close to 'decapitation country'!"

Top 9 Les Past Quotes

9. "Hey! Save it for Arena night!"

8. "We're GOOD with pigs!"

7. "Now I'm officially in ass-kicking mode!"

6. "This is starting to sound like dialogue from a gay porn movie."

5. "Um, guys, did Bob just say 'holy crap'?"

4. "Once you go gnome, you never go home."

3. "How much trouble can we get in sitting in a druid's house cutting up a doppelganger's body?"

2. "Does this mean the Mill raid is off??"

1. "Anyone else get hurt sleeping?"


Top 10 Steve Past Quotes

10. "A ball of flame, you say? Now what spell could that be…"

9. "Man, that was a buttload of wrath."

8. "Hey! Back it up, buddy - there's enough cleric for all of us."

7. "My weasel stays where it's at, thank you very much."

6. "'Dragon'?? We thought you said 'Flagon'!"

5. "Next module!"

4. "I tell Alidon that I feel like I've been touched by something unnatural again."

3. "Apparently you haven't heard of the infamous 'Hommlet Massacre'."

2. "We'll out-evil 'em!"

1. "Honor, schmonor!"




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