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3-8-02: Chasing the Tiger


American German Soviet
20 mm Charts Tally Sheet Tally Sheet Tally Sheet
BG Counters Rifle Squad Sheet Rifle Squad Sheet Rifle Squad Sheet
HE Templates Platoon Command  Platoon Command  Command Section
Canister Shot Template Recon Team Wehrmacht Assault Maxim Team

Shotgun Template

Recon Scouts Wehrmacht Scouts ATR Team

Convention Gamemaster's Checklist

Recon Command Wehrmacht Command Shock Squad
.30 Cal MG Team Sturm Gruppe
.50 Cal MG Team Sniper Team
Hellhounds Panzerjagers
French Resistance Nachtjagers
Forward Observers
MG-42 Team

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No. Name Time Location Combatants Victory
1 Sicilian Escapade Spring '42 Messina DEU v. USA USA
2 Capture the Bridge June '44 French Countryside DEU v. USA USA
3 Armored Fist n/a n/a DEU v. USA-USSR DEU
4 Outskirts of Stalingrad September '42 Stalingrad DEU v. USSR USSR
5 The Errant Colonel May, '41 St. Denis DEU v. USA-UK DEU
6 Get The Gas April '42 Modica, Sicily DEU v. USA DEU
7 Fantasy Armor n/a n/a DEU v. USA-UK-USSR DEU
8 Sniper Hunt n/a n/a DEU v. USA v. USSR USA
9 Lost in France July '44 Cloville DEU v. USA-UK ???

Gamer's Guide to 
Small Unit Tactics, 
Sgt. Jonathan Wolfe

The Art of War, Sun Tzu

The Oxford Miniature Painting Guide

JERA's Minature Painting Guide

Battleground WWII The main company page; good luck getting through, it's down all the time; some good stuff when available.
Metro East Gaming Association (MEGA) Gaming group based in Shiloh, they play on Saturday nights; we've got a standing invitation.

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