The Black Dogs | latest dispatches from the Isle of Thelanon

6-27-14 Thaedon has been named Count of Verbot. He no longer controls Fairhaven on the mainland, and instead now presides over the entire central-western coast.

Borders of his area:
North - the mountain range where Brother Kegnar lives
East - the Silver River
South - the Half-way point of the big lake
West - the coastline

We got a little bit of history and some geographical info about the county that he'll be rebuilding after the war.

Main religions: St Cuthbert, Pelor, some (mind blank -- the Sea Witch....Ben and Halfdan's deity [edit: Osprem!]) but mostly along the coast and a little bit around the lake.
Points of interest:
Castle - northern shore of the lake; sits on an island off-shore, and to get to it, there is a bridge 1/4mile long and 4-wagons wide.
Halfling community halfway between the castle and the mouth of the silver river, which feeds the lake. Royal Huntsman outpost. Bob thinks Xall will be very comfortable here (may be asked to lead the Huntsman in the area)
mithral mine near castle, produces enough to make one suit of armor per year.
Various other towns and communities

Not part of Verbot County:
The elves on the island have settled in the NE Eton Wood, on ground they consider sacred--this is where Quellan is assumed to be.
there is a high-lvl wizard who lives in a tower on the eastern shore of the lake. he was verified to be completely neutral and left alone by both sides during the war. apparently he's an ex-apprentice of Zoah, the grandfather of Steve's latest character and the same Zoah that took red dragons to Sternhaven and burned it down during the majority of our characters' youths.


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