The Laws of Sternhaven | whaddya think this is, some sort of pantsless society?? 

Crime Punishment
Vandalism Two weeks hard labor,  the Quarry
Theft 1st offense: notched left ear. 2nd offense: loss of both hands. 3rd offense: death.
Public Drunkenness One day hard labor, the Quarry
Prostitution sans permit Banishment to Isle of Zorkon
Rape Public stoning
Possession of Stolen Goods Repossession and 500 gp fine
Grand Treason Death by hanging
Petty Treason 500 gp fine
Harboring Criminals Repossession of property and 20000 go fine OR indentured servitude for 20000 days (that's 54.8 years)
Bearing False Witness Five years military service
Murder (unless self defense) Death by boiling
Other Crimes As per judicial decree as incidences arise.

Other Laws

*The worship of Incabulus, Nerull and Iuz of their minions is forbidden. Worship thereof is considered Grand Treason and punished accordingly.

*No one shall assemble without permit. To do so is considered Petty Treason and punished accordingly.

*The ruling house and members thereof reserve the right to condemn buildings as they see fit.

*All pets and creatures of any kind shall be registered with the Sheriff. Failure to do so is considered Petty Treason and punished accordingly.

*Failure to pay taxes will result in a hearing on charges of Petty Treason.

*Conspiracy to commit a crime or in the commission of a crime is regarded as equal to having committed the crime, and punishment shall be meted accordingly. 

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